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Valgolf (Shard Weapon)

Manufactured Mass: 2kg

Max. Energy Output: 22TJ (Terajoules)

Rate of Fire: 30 Shots per Second

Average Capacity at Max Output: 130 Shots

Max Range: ???

Original Designer: Ra’ Avani (Ren Neo), Urizu

A weapon first built by the Ren Neo, and later used by various warring nations. This weapon utilizes the natural resource of Northern Earth called a Shard. The Ren Neo took these Shards and found an electromagnetic frequency that makes it release its energy, and then built a container that forms the frequency to release a portion of the Shard’s Energy at a directed target. The Weapons were used to devastate a Nation of Ren Zuiperi in a day on its first use, then by the Suminiatini Empire, Pinitur Federation and The Jieruresi Federation in subsequent conflicts. It is an area of effect weapon destroying everything in an area within the range of 30m.

Fast Fact: These weapons are confirmed to not work on Ren Nao in the slightest. It’s similar to using a flashlight to attack enemies.

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