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Capital City: Vesatanis

Population: 84,002,980 (95% Ren Zuiperi, 1% Ren Shaole, 1% Ren Neo, >1% Ren Nao)

Average Temperature: 15C (Natural); 27C (Manipulated)

Notable Landmarks: Statue of Vius, Rainbow Forest, Sky Generator

Vlagora has an interesting history, it was once part of the United Northern Federation which was a Unified Coalition of 4 Nations (former Marian, former Oure, former Unisus). However, the union broke up due to its slow reaction time to environmental disasters, and pollution; causing the nations to form policies in their own interest resulting in the Former Oure to become Vlagora (North) and Kima (South). The Ren Nao came to Vlagora from the North and built Vesatanis as a temporary outpost. The technology brought by Ren Nao allowed Vlagora to develop rapidly and become a travel destination in the region. Vlagora is the only country that has both Ren Zuiperi and Ren Nao citizens. It’s the only country in the area which energy consumption could be classified as a Type 1 Civilization on the Kardashev Scale.

Fast Fact: The Rainbow Forest came about due to the Artificial Temperature created around Vesatanis. The Forest is home to over 20,000 plant species, 1000 Feathered Species, 30 Lumos Species among others. The Ren Neo documented all the different life forms on the Forest in a Giant Collection called “Omne Includion”, which can be found in the Library of Vesatanis in Vesatanis.

History of Vlagora:

The Nation of Vlagora has appeared twice in History. Once 5000 N.Years ago when it neighbored the Dea Kingdom, Wyan Dynasty and the Kinyan Dynasty around Lake Kinya. And again when the United Northern Federation collapsed and Vlagora emerged from the Northern portion of Former Oure.

Old Vlagora:

Vlagora receives their name from the River that flows Eastward from Lake Kinyan to the Eastern Ocean.

Old Vlagora was formed when a sect of Ren Zuiperi separated from the Dea Community in the West. The Vlagoran People continued Eastward until they reached the Eastern Ocean. Along the way they fought various wars with the Mardenia Tribe of the Ren Shaole Species who had already settled in the North-East of the Continent. 

The Kinyan People separated from the Vlagoran People to continue to push the Mardenians into the Desert Region. 

Old Vlagora’s Capital was built along the River Delta of the Vlagoran River. The civilization of Old Vlagora grew rapidly and were friendly neighbors with its neighbors around Lake Kinyan. About 3400 N.Years ago an Ice Age hit the area and the Northern Empires suffered terrifying droughts. 

To survive Old Vlagora, the Wyan Dynasty and the Northern Portion of the Kinyan People united under the banner of the Oure Nation. 

Modern Vlagora:

After the collapse of the United Northern Empire, 980 N.Years ago, Oure attempted to exercise its power as a separate entity. However, disputes over ownership of Lake Kinyan eventually pushed the Agriculturally Rich Northern Portion to become Vlagora and the Mineral Rich Southern Portion to become Kima.

After the separation Vlagora needed access to raw material but that was taken by Kima in the split therefore Emperor Kai’Tayak signed an agreement with King Yujin of the Reinon State for the Lands in the South-East Vlagora in exchange Vlagora would receive Millions of Tons of Raw Mineral from the Imperial Reserves.

Because the Reinon State was at War with the growing Suminiatur State King Yujin agreed and gained access to fertile soil in the North that boosted their Agricultural Capacity. Ultimately preventing the Suminiatur State from growing further North into Kima and Vlagora.

This beneficial Agreement made by Vlagora to the Reinon State assisted Kima in their War effort thus Kima too Signed an Economic Agreement with Vlagora for access to the Kodenpo River that goes from South to North from Lake Kinyan to the Northern Ocean. These agreements made Vlagora extremely rich in the region. But this wealth fell into the hands of a very select few families causing the Wealth Gap of the country to skyrocket. The Richest 10 Families owned 60% of the Wealth of the Nation. 

The Poor workers of Vlagora revolted against the Ruling Agency. The Families were locked in the Northern Palace along the Kodenpo River. A new system of Government redistributed the wealth among the People of Vlagora and they began to build small city states in the country.

Kima, which was friendly with the Wealthy Family, sent their military to crush the New Political Government and reinstall the Wealthy Oligarchy of Vlagora.

This news of weakened Vlagora Power was received by the New Jieruresi Government and they began to take land from the Poor City States of Eastern Vlagora. The Wealthy Family did not have the Power to push back against the Jieruresi Government thus Vlagora lost the Entire Eastern half of their Country. 

A New Group of Explorers arrived in the Northern Region of Vlagora about 580 N.Years ago directly in the middle of the Jieruresi and Vlagora conflict. These explorers were the Bo People of the New Ren Nao Species. The New Explorers built a settlement in the North which they called Vesatanis. 

The Wealthy Family which had most of their Power in the North sent their Military to confront these New Explorers. This confrontation was the Vlagoran- Vesatanis Conflict. The Number of Explorers 140 Ren Nao versus the much greater Vlagoran Force of 1.3 Million Troops.

The Explorers quickly wiped out the Vlagoran forces and completely destroyed the old Capital of Vlagora. The Bo People were technologically and physically superior to the Military of Vlagora. The Bo People built more settlements around Vesatanis for the Poor Citizens of Vlagora to move into. 

Kima sent their Military to assist the Wealthy Family in Vlagora but those forces were also wiped out and Kima pulled back their support for the Wealthy Family and sided with the Bo People. The Puppet Government established under Kima was disbanded and the Wealthy family was handed to the Explorers of the Bo People. 

The Bo People gave the Wealthy Family to the Vlagoran People. Which the Vlagoran People executed. Jieruresi continued to try and push into more portions of Vlagora believing that without the support of Kima and the Execution of the Wealthy Family that Vlagora was ripe to be conquered. 

In a singular decisive battle the Bo People led the Coalition of Vlagoran People against Jieruresi and pushed Jieruresi back South ending the expansion Northward. The Bo People remained in Vlagora and established Vesatanis as the capital city of the Nation.

Vlagora shut itself off from the other nations in the area as it developed rapidly under the new government. During this shut off period Vlagora began a technological revolution, however this technological advancement was done mostly by the Ren Nao and Ren Neo People and not by the Vlagoran Natives.

Vlagoran People began to move South into Kima in search of Fame. This migration created an economic disparity between the new arrivals from Vlagora and the People of Northern Kima. The Kima Government quickly went to remedy this situation by signing a Visa and technological exchange agreement between the two nations.

The Vesatanis Government couldn’t care less about the agreement and signed whatever agreement Kima presented. This agreement opened Kima and Vlagora to partnership. This agreement boosted Kima’s Economy many folds and the Vlagoran People began an Art Revolution while the Technological Revolution took place in the North.

The Knowledge Network of Vlagora was moved into Vesatanis by the Vesatanis Government and upgraded to spread its range throughout the entire Northern Region to the Central Mountains of the Continent. 

There was not much that occurred in Vlagora during the time of Immortality to present day. Vlagora suffered the least when it came to the change of Age.


Vlagora is located between Marian North, Kima to the South and the Jieruresi Republic to the South East. Vlagora has access to Lake Kinyan and the Kodenpo bringing fertile soil throughout the nation. Vlagora is a cold nation naturally but because of the Vesatanis Government the Nation is artificially warmed allowing a typically tundra environment to be similar to a rainforest. 


Vlagora is a two systems Government. It has the Superior Vesatanis Government and the Minor Vlagoran Government which is controlled by the JKS Party. 

The Vesatanis Government has control of the Military and Government Resources while the Vlagoran government handles Domestic Disputes and International Agreements. The Vlagoran Government is under the Guidelines presented by the Vesatanis Government Constitution. 

The JKS Party is a United Party that seeks to promote Globalization primarily with the Jieruresi Republic, Kima and the Suminiatini Federation. 

The Power of the Vesatanis Government is absolute and the transition of Power is done through the Ren Nao People. The System is extremely rigid preventing any members outside of the Ren Nao species from having control of the Vesatanis Government.

In the Modern Period the Vesatanis Government began taking instructions from the Overseeing Nation that is not located on the Continent. 

Foreign Relations:

Vlagora has no Military Alliances. Vlagora has a technological exchange with Kima and a Visa Program of free travel between the two. All other foreign Relations are done through Kima.

The Vesatanis Government has a relationship with Mako, Urizu, and Vius. But this Foreign Relation has no bearing on the Government only with the Ren Nao People within Vlagora.

Armed Forces:

The JKS Party has 3 Million Active Duty personnel. The Vesatanis Government has 90 Active Duty Members. The Main Military of the Nation is the Vesatanis Government Military making it the smallest Military in the Northern Regions and the 4th Smallest in the World.

The Vesatanis Government Military is made of Ren Nao Officers and Ren Neo Enlisted Members. Ren Shaole, Ren Xi and Ren Zuiperi are restricted from joining this service. 

The JKS Party Military serves as Policing in the interior of Vlagora outside of Vesatanis.

The Weapons of the Vesatanis Government Military far exceeds the capability of those in the region. The Government Military only lost one Major Conflict which was against a Singular Member of the Southern Nation of Mako. This defeat forced the agreement with Mako, Urizu and Vius.


Vlagora is the strongest performing Nation in the region. Vlagora has the highest GDP in the Northern Portion of the Continent and has zero debt with the neighboring nations. Vlagora’s main export is technological licensing, energy and manufactured products. 

Vlagora has a secondary economy of clothing and exotic vegetation.

The Standard of living for Vlagoran Citizens is extremely high compared to others in the Northern Regions. The Wealth Gap within Vlagoran citizens is pretty flat where no group of family contains more wealth than 1% of the total nations GDP. However, comparing Vlagoran Citizens to Vesatanis Citizens, the Wealth Gap is many fold. One Poorest Individual in the Vesatanis Government owns 900% more than the entire nation outside of those members.

This extreme wealth Gap between Vesatanis and Vlagora doesn’t affect the government because the Wealth is counted by how much Energy is consumed and the Vesatanis Government makes plenty without pulling from the monetary value of Vlagora.

Science and Technology:

Silt Sieve: Re’Dacar (Ren Zuiperi)

Knowledge Network: Munix “Bone Master” Diarnus (Ren Neo)

Sky Generator: Chun YyuPaSheChi (Ren Nao)

Pressure Manipulator: Shu Pirano (Ren Nao)

Water Transistor: Vu Wudano (Ren Nao)

Vacuum Shift: Rocando Pirano (Ren Nao)

Artificial Storage Container Energy: Tayan Viran (Ren Nao)


Vlagora has a population of 84,002,980 (95% Ren Zuiperi, 1% Ren Shaole, 1% Ren Neo, >1% Ren Nao). The Ren Zuiperi Population is primarily 2 Ethnic Groups: Vlagoran (88%) and the Kinyan People (12%). The Ren Shaole Population is part of the Eastern Yan Ethnic Group. The Ren Nao Population is part of the Bo People who departed Urizu 700 N.Years ago. The Ren Neo belongs to the Urian People.

Vlagora Fertility rate is 2.4 Children per Woman. The Standard of Living increases daily within the population. The Fertility rate would be higher if the Nation would calm down from the constant improvement. The Ren Zuiperi population feel that if they have a child they will fall behind in development. 

The average age in Vlagora is 77 N.Years (37 S.Years) among the Ren Zuiperi. Among the Ren Neo the average age is 90 N.Years (43 S.Years). Among the Ren Nao the Average Age is 60 N.Years (29 S.Years). Among the Ren Shaole is 80 N.Years (38 S.Years).


Vlagora has 4 Main Languages: Northern Common Language, Vlagornish, Kinyanese and Advanced Vernacular Language. 95% of the Population speaks Northern Common Language as their mother tongue. 2% Speak Vlagornish as their mother tongue. Advanced Vernacular at 2% and Kinyanese at .8%.

Those who can understand the Northern Common Language is 99%, Vlagornish is 98%, Kinyanese is 68% and the Advanced Vernacular is 2%.


90% of Vlagora follow Tierianity. The remaining follow no religion.


The Total Life expectancy of the Ren Nao on Vlagora is 120 N.Years for the Ren Nao population do not suffer death, until that amount of time has expired.

The Average life expectancy of Vlagora is 152 N.Years among Ren Zuiperi and 180 N.Years among Ren Neo.

80% Various Organ Failures (Other than Brain and Heart), 10% Heart Failure, 8% Drowning, 2% Homicide/Suicide.


Education for Vlagora is done via the Modified Knowledge Network. Students begin places when they are 3 N.Years for the Ren Zuiperi, 5 N.Years for the Ren Neo and at Birth for the Ren Nao. However Ren Nao are not taught in the same classes as the other Human Species for they are not taught via the Modified Knowledge Network.

Students go through classes at their own pace and at each point in mastery the student may advance. Classes are led by the Students and taught via an AI that adjusts the courses to match the student’s learning style.

The amount of investment to create such a system would put an incredible burden on the other nations in the region but Vlagora’s economy is able to handle the load.

There had been push back for such a system by a small group of Vlagoran People who valued interpersonal teaching and a classroom setting. But those were ignored when comparing the results of the Knowledge Network Learning method vs In-Person Teaching.

Vlagora places the Highest in Knowledge Acquisition Testing, and Highest in Technical Skill analysis in the Region. 

However its Ren Nao population scores the lowest when compared to other Ren Nao population’s technical, combat and knowledge skills.

Its Ren Neo Population scores slightly below average when compared to nations whose population is majority Ren Neo.


Vlagora has 2 Distinct Cultures: Vesatanis and Vlagoran Cultures. Modern Vlagoran Culture is a mix of Old Vlagoran and Kinyan Cultures. While Vesatanis Culture is a mix of Bo, Yan and Urian Cultures with Bo having the highest influence.

Vlagoran Culture eat meals that are high in Seafood and Vegetation. It is served typically warm with a side of heated Tea. Vlagoran Meals consist of a soup, a seafood main dish typically stemmed and salted, a side of dark green vegetation and a lighter paste made from either a rooted vegetable or nuts.

Vesatanis Culture eat meals that are heavily prepared. This involves items typically extremely high in carbs. Vesatanis individuals do not typically sit down to eat meals with their families. Family time is done through playing games after the meal. Taking a while to eat could be considered rude especially among the Ren Nao circles. 

Vesatanis combine Sugars, Grains, Proteins and emulsifiers to create a singular dish which is placed into the mouth by hand and dissolves with very little need to chew. Another stable of the Vesatanis diet is meals when not mixed and baked are combined together to form a Burrito type of dish.

Vesatanis Meals range back and forth between Sweet and Spicy. While Vlagoran meals range from Savory to Salty.

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