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Beruta, the Curious: Chapter Four

Chapter Four


When she came too she found that she was surrounded by Gato Erects.

They had delivered water to her.

The Gato Erects numbered about 10. They stood around Beruta with their short fur covered bodies. They were a desert species which had evolved alongside the Cataran Zuiming before the latter went extinct. They were about 1.5 meters tall on average, when they typically moved, but when fully stretched would easily be about 3 meters.

One of the older looking Gato Erect communicated with Beruta in hand language.

“We want to know why 3 of you entered this area.” The Gato Erect asked.

“I am only aware of myself. I have no knowledge of the other two.” Beruta responded.

“They had weapons similar to yours, but no worries, we weren’t attacked. They summoned a large ship and left the domain.” The Gato Erect said.

“That’s good information, but still I don’t know who they are.” Beruta responded. She looked around at all those who were present. “So why did you help me?” Beruta asked.

“It’s better to help your kind than be seen as hostile. The Gods have favour in your people, therefore all we can do is have favour with you.” The elder said.

“Thanks, but we don’t have the favour of the Gods. If anything they couldn’t care less about us. I am on a journey to meet a Human version of one. So I appreciate you all preventing me from dying.” Beruta responded.

She then looked around her body to see if she could present them with a gift.

“Would this knife be an appropriate gift?” Beruta asked, trying to hand them her blade.

“As you see, we have sturdy, sharp claws. Your knife would do us no good. But do not worry yourself. It is our duty to do this for you.” The elder responded to Beruta.

Beruta looked down at her weapon and tried to hand that to them.

“Here, where I am going I probably won’t need this.” Beruta said as they all stepped back away from it.

“It’s a divine weapon. We couldn’t possibly take that in exchange for the minimal amount of care we provided.” The elder said, stunned by the present.

“Well it was my life that you all rescued, so I will give you a tool that claims a life easily.” Beruta responded. “I’m sure you all already know how it works, so I won’t insult your intelligence by explaining it.” Beruta said as she got up.

“May we know your name?” The elder asked.

“Introduce myself to Gato Erect, that is an interesting concept.” Beruta thought to herself. “My name is Beruta, or you could say ‘Forever Curious’, that’s what it means directly.” Beruta said to the Elder.

“Understood. Then ‘Forever Curious’ we thank you for this divine weapon. It will be the treasure of our domain for many generations to come.” The elder said. They all went on their hands and lowered their heads to Beruta.

“Sure, sure. Well I am going to be off.” Beruta said to them.

“Do you need assistance traveling across this desert? We can arrange that for you.” The elder said to Beruta.

Beruta paused for a bit. “If Iota was watching me then I already failed to show my dedication by passing out. And I am only alive now because I got lucky that I was discovered. So maybe the wiser choice would be to take them up on their offer. Besides, I am a Ren Shaole, and a Principal at that, so to them it would be an honour to transport me.” Beruta thought to herself.

“Sure I will take you up on that offer.” Beruta responded.

The elder then made a loud roar which carried through the desert.

Another Gato Erect arrived shortly after on what looked to be a sand scooter.

They then began to speak to the Elder with a Gato Erect language. To Beruta it looked as though they were arguing to one another. The sound was similar to that of growling between large cats.

Eventually their conversation ended and the ears of the Gato Erect who just arrived went back. They approached Beruta. Their hand language was much worse than that of the elder.

“My vehicle, you take.” The arrived Gato Erect gestured.

“You built this?” Beruta asked.

“I made, with parts, around. Took long time. Thank you.” The Gato Erect gestured.

“I didn’t know Gato Erect were smart enough to make vehicles.” Beruta thought to herself. She turned it on and saw that it ran on a black burnable stone.The heat from the stones caused a small explosion to send forward the slide, causing the entire thing to move. 

“You are pretty smart.” Beruta said to the Gato Erect.

He stood silent, he must not have known what Beruta gestured.

The elder growled.

“Thank you. Please take.” The Gato Erect gestured.

Beruta nodded her head, and then pressed her foot against the acceleration and left the area.

The Gato Erect watched as Beruta traveled.

“I probably should have left behind some knowledge for them, now that I knew they were capable of building fire-aged machines… oh well. I’m sure the smart one will figure out something from the weapon.” Beruta thought to herself as she traveled.

The sled easily traveled across the desert. Beruta looked around at the vast endless desert.

“This was all land of the former Shao Empire. Their civilization is now buried beneath the sand. How did they manage to survive such a harsh environment and on top of that become a Super power of the time.” Beruta thought to herself.

After traveling for about 2 hour the vehicle she was on began to grow hot. Beruta got off of it to check what was wrong.

She opened the compartment where the energy of the vehicle was generated.

“I see, so the vehicle is cooled via this liquid. And now since it is boiling, the vehicle can’t cool down. That’s a shame.” Beruta thought to herself.

She then pulled some parts out, and wrapped the components connected to the sled parts to the Shard. She removed the pistons and used their parts to strike the Shard. Then parts that were initially used to ignite the black stones were instead repurposed for compressing agents.

Beruta looked at her reconstruction. “It’s crude, but it will get the job done. The energy released from the Shard should compress the particles in these parts, and as they slowly expand the torque should move the drive shafts and propel this vehicle forward. Luckily it’s not that heavy, so I should get some good distance from this. And since it’s not constantly trying to power the vehicle, then that should solve the overheating.”

Beruta looked at the components that made up the vehicle. “Only issue now is the parts’ durability. But it’s not like I am trying to drive this for a season.” Beruta thought. She hopped back on the vehicle and left the unneeded parts behind.

A bright light then shone in the sky. It was much brighter than that of the Great Star.

The light then dimmed as quickly as if it came. Beruta looked up at where it came from, it was too tiny to see by the naked eye. 

Beruta continued driving onward.

“There must be some giant battle that is happening that I am just not experiencing. Iota and her kind are probably the ones fighting it.” Beruta thought to herself. “I need to reach that peak, now that I know it is out there, I just can’t stop.”

Eventually Beruta got to the border of Marian South and the Suminiatini Federation.

The Country of Marian South was much more organized and put together than Beruta thought. Especially for a nation that had recently come about from a Civil War.

Beruta walked around the Border Entrance and was stopped.

“Let me see some identification.” The Border Officer asked.

Beruta gave them her Suminiatini Federation Identification. The Border Officer looked at it, and scanned it.

They then handed Beruta back her ID. “What business do you have here?” They inquired.

“I’m looking for someone named Vaneluresa.” Beruta responded.

“Say the name again.” The Officer requested.

“Vaneluresa. I know a person named Iota who is similar to her. So I wanted to talk to Vaneluresa about being taught.” Beruta explained.

“I’m not sure who you are talking about. Do you have an address for this person, or an ID number for them.” The Border Officer asked.

“No, I don’t have any information but that they are probably a teacher.” Beruta responded.

“Do you mind handing me back your ID? I am going to make some calls.” The Border Officer asked.

Beruta handed them her ID.

“Thank you. Now if you don’t mind just sit there.” The Officer said as Beruta went to the side and sat down.

Once she sat down she dozed off, and completely fell asleep.

“Sir, there’s someone here asking for a Vaneluresa. But I have no idea who that is. Nothing came up on the citizen registry.” The Officer said to his superior.

“Send the ID information to me. I’ll look into it.” The Superior Officer commanded.

The Information was sent over. The Superior Officer received Beruta’s Information and found that she served in the Suminiatini Federation Military, and was recently discharged. They also found numerous other details about her that indicated that she was not a criminal nor likely to be one.

They found that Beruta never entered Marian South before. “No prior entrance? Then this person probably doesn’t exist.” The Superior Officer said under their breath. Another of their co-workers heard them.

“Who probably doesn’t exist?” Their co-worker asked.

“This person that this Beruta girl is asking about.” The Superior Officer responded.

“What’s the name?” She asked the Superior Officer. “I can just look it up on the Knowledge Network.” She continued.

“Why are you on that during work?” The Superior Officer asked.

“Come on, it’s been a long slow day. No one has been coming from anywhere. This at least sounds interesting!” She responded.

“So you decided to just skate today!?” The Superior Officer asked.

“Come on, what’s the name?” The Co-worker asked the Superior Officer.

“The name is Vaneluresa. Oh and they also said they were friends with Iota.” The Superior Officer informed their Co-worker.

The Coworker then searched the name on the Knowledge Network.

“Hmm, well I’m not getting much of anything. But there is a connection between Yaooan and Vaneluresa. Those two are always mentioned together.” The Coworker said.

“Certainly that must be the person they are looking for.” The Superior Officer added.

The Coworker then looked for Yaooan in the Civilian Registry.

“That can’t be the case. Yaooan is one of the Highest Positioned Non-Government citizens in Marian South.” The Coworker then continued to read more about Yaooan. “This is interesting. I don’t see any information about Yaooan’s past.” The Coworker said.

“Looks like we found ourselves a rabbithole.” The Superior Officer said. “Well since she knew something about this Vaneluresa person, let’s bring her in for questioning.” The Coworker suggested.

The Superior Officer then called the Border Officer.

“Let Beruta through, but transport her to the Questioning Tower in Asso’an” The Superior Officer commanded.

“Yes Sir.” The Border Officer said.

They went over to wake up Beruta.

“Hey, wake up.” The Border Officer said to Beruta.

Beruta woke up and was still quite drowsy. “What happened? Did I fall asleep?” Beruta asked.

“Yes, you were out for some time. But you can go through. Just enter the vehicle as you exit and you will be transported to the Questioning Tower. When you arrive, just hand them your ID.” The Border Officer told Beruta.

“Okay, cool. I’ll go there. Thanks.” Beruta said as she walked through.

She was transported from the border to the Capital of Marian South. Once they arrived she was escorted to the Questioning Tower.

Beruta entered the building and she sat down. 

“Just wait here for a moment. An employee of the Tower said to Beruta.

Beruta waited and was about to fall asleep again, but she forced herself to stay awake.

The Coworker walked in.

“Hey there Beruta! My name is Yomie!” Yomie greeted Beruta.

“Nice to meet you.” Beruta said politely.

“Don’t be nervous. I don’t bite. I’m just here to ask you a few questions. Afterward I’ll let you on your way to enjoy Marian South.” Yomie said to Beruta.

“I was never worried about you actually biting, but the fact that you had to point that out makes me a bit weary.” Beruta thought to herself.

Beruta nodded.

“So, how did you learn about Vaneluresa?” Yomie asked Beruta.

“I was asked about it at my old job.” Beruta responded.

“In the Suminiatini Military, correct?”

“Yes, that’s correct.” Beruta responded.

“Are you permitted to tell me the context of why that name was mentioned?” Yomie asked.

“Not the full context, but it was in response to me knowing someone named Iota who was of comparable details.” Beruta responded.

“So Iota, what kind of person were they?” Yomie asked.

Beruta was quiet for a bit.

“Don’t worry, you aren’t in any trouble. If anything I am curious about you.” Yomie said to Beruta.

“Iota is a person of extreme ability and talent. She was able to move the ground without equipment, create powerful shields and fly.” Beruta responded.

“Are you kidding me? That is obviously not true.” Yomie said.

“It is true. I was taught how to do some of the stuff too… but.” Beruta began saying.

“But what?” Yomie asked.

“But I can’t any more.” Beruta said.

“Hmm, likely story. But it is still evident that you did know the name of Vaneluresa. So I can’t say your story is completely fabricated.” Yomie responded.

Beruta sat still.

“So Vaneluresa must be someone who has similar attributes to this Iota you said. No wonder she isn’t labeled as a citizen of Marian South. Someone of that ability would be kept pretty secret.” Yomie said with a low voice, thinking to herself.

“Yes, I also didn’t know about that person until just recently.” Beruta said.

“Here’s my information.” Yomie added herself to Beruta’s contacts. “I am interested in learning what you learn. Consider me a friend of yours in Marian South.” Yomie said smiling to Beruta.

“Okay, I will.” Beruta responded.

“Do you have a place to stay? You obviously didn’t come here fully prepared. You seem pretty exhausted and the nearest Hostel is several kilometers away.” Yomie said to Beruta.

 “No, I didn’t really think about it. I thought once I got to Marian South that I would have met Vaneluresa and they would have taken care of me.” Beruta responded.

“Okay, just get some rest here. After work I can transport you to a place. Are you okay with that?” Yomie asked.

“That’s nice, this isn;t some sort of set up to transport me as a pet for some Southern Country, right?” Beruta asked half jokingly.

“No way, I wouldn’t risk that as a government employee. If you feel uncomfortable with anything feel free to report me.” Yomie said with a smile.

“Sure. I will wait until you get off work.” Beruta said to Yomie.

“I just have about 3 hours left on my shift. So feel free to roam around for a bit. And remember, if you think of some more information, don’t hesitate to tell me!” Yomie said before she exited the building.

“Interesting, looks like the name even holds some power.” Beruta thought to herself as she made herself comfortable and took a nap.

Yomie returned to her office and delved deeper into the records involving Yaooan.

“What do you think you are doing? We are still working.” The Superior Officer said to Yomie.

“There is literally no one coming in. I think I have time for some personal research.” Yomie responded.

“We both know that what you are doing isn’t research, it’s just browsing through the knowledge network to find something else for you to obsess over for the next few seasons.” The Superior Officer said to Yomie.

“You’re not wrong, but I think this might actually be the area that will fulfill my deep desire for knowledge. Look there are articles popping up about Giant City Destroying Creatures and how groups of Humans are bringing them down. We might be witnessing the start of a new age.” Yomie excitedly said to the Superior Officer.

“I think I have had enough with age changing. We already went through the end of the Age of Immortality. I for one would appreciate it if I could live my entire life  without anything strange happening.” The Superior Officer added.

“That’s no fun.” Yomie sat back in her seat and pulled up her Knowledge Network again.

“Well, if you are going to do that, at least make it look like you are working.” The Superior Officer said to Yomie.

Yomie pulled some devices closer to her and covered her screen, but it was still rather obvious that she was not working.

Eventually the work day ended.

Yomie skipped to Beruta. She waved. “Okay Beruta, I’m off work!” Yomie said to Beruta.

Beruta had regained all of her energy after finally getting adequate uninterrupted rest.

“Hey Yomie! So we are heading into the city now?” Beruta asked.

“Yes we are, I figured that we should get something to eat when we get back, you look like you are starving.” Yomie said to Beruta.

“I guess that’s true. I’ve been running on Energy from the Great Star and because of all my walking that was nowhere near enough. Plus I ran out of water.” Beruta responded.

“Guess we also need to do some grocery shopping then.” Yomie added.

“No, we don’t need to. I don’t want to cause too much trouble.” Beruta remarked.

“It’s no trouble, Asso’an is extremely convenient. So it’ll take no time at all, plus you will be helping me gather information on this Vaneluresa person.” Yomie said to Beruta.

“You think I will be able to meet this person?” Beruta asked.

“All we have to do is try to talk to the person named Yaooan, and they would definitely be able to help you. Especially since you know someone like Vaneluresa. You both have that in common.” Yomie said to Beruta.

“Then that’s my next mission. I will locate Yaooan.” Beruta responded.

“Well Yaooan lives in Asso’an, so really all you’ll need to do is get in contact with her… which is the hard part.”

Beruta entered the vehicle of Yomie and they headed into the center of Asso’an. Beruta looked around the dense clean city. It looked like it was unaffected by the terrors of the invasion.

“This city wasn’t attacked?” Beruta asked Yomie.

“Attacked by what?” Yomie responded.

“By Giant Creatures, they were worse than actual Monsters!” Beruta described Yomie.

“Oh! So you were involved in one of those attacks? What were they like? How strong were they?” Yomie’s interest peaked.

“They were easily the size of entire buildings, not even the military is able to damage them. It was terrifying. I lost so many good friends because of one of them…” Beruta told Yomie.

Yomie pulled up a video of one of the fights.

“The people fighting this one, are they like Iota?” Yomie showed Beruta the video. The Video showed a Giant Monster being shot by flying individuals. The Monster knocked away many of them. The fight between them looked difficult.

“No, they look like they are struggling. Iota and people like her would have had no issue. Especially against something of that size. They must be people that were taught by Iota.” Beruta said with a softer tone.

“You were taught by Iota too. So that means you could do that stuff as well, right?” Yomie asked.

“I was, and I could. But I lost the ability to do it.” Beruta showed Yomie the cuts on her leg. “I tried to perform it and I ended up with these wounds.”

“Ouch, those look painful. Don’t do that to yourself again.” Yomie said to Beruta. “We should stop by the hospital.” Yomie said.

“I’m okay now. These are not deep. I had much worse when I was in the Military.” Beruta said, showing Yomie her other scars.

“If you do it again, we are going to the hospital, no excuses, okay?” Yomie sternly said to Beruta.

“Okay sure, it didn’t work before so I’m not really inclined to do it again.” Beruta said. They both rode in silence for a little bit before Beruta spoke again.

“I was supposed to create a Team for Iota before I lost my abilities. I think you would be a great person to have that responsibility if I get to meet Iota again.” Beruta said to Yomie.

“Really? Why do you say that? You think Iota would like me?” Yomie asked excitedly.

“You don’t seem motivated by money. Even now, with just learning that someone like Vaneluresa exists you already went out of your way to help me secure that knowledge for you. It’s not even like you will be paid in the end.” Beruta responded. “You seem to do things just for the sake of learning.”

“Well, I can’t say that is 100% true. I still need money to buy food. Which is why I’m a Border Supervising Officer. It’s a pretty calm job that lets me pretty much do whatever. Other than that, yeah. I think I am good without money.” Yomie said to Beruta.

“How’d you get like that?” Beruta asked.

“I don’t know. I guess because when I was a kid my parents were pretty wealthy, but all of that disappeared during the Marian Civil War. So money just seemed so fake after that. Like just because there was a war didn’t mean all the work they put into their jobs prior meant nothing. Plus when we get old it’s really memories that we have that’s important, not the money.” Yomie responded to Beruta’s question.

“You’re barely older than me. Seems that being in that war gave you an old soul.” Beruta said.

“I’m not much different from the typical Marian South Person. After all this is a Country that was made because of that War.” Yomie laughed.

Beruta looked at Yomie with admiration.

They eventually got to the hostel. “First we will get you a place to stay, then we can go out and eat. Then get some groceries after that.” Yomie laid out a plan for Beruta.

“Am I taking away time from what you were going to do?” Beruta asked.

“No, I was going to go out on my own anyways. I am off work for the next few days.” Yomie told Beruta.

“Okay, I’ll be quick.” Beruta said as she entered the building.

Beruta placed her Identification into the room transfer device. It billed Beruta’s Knowledge Network Account. And she entered the newly created room.

Beruta looked around in the room she was given. “So I guess this will be my base while I look for Vaneluresa. I wonder if it’s possible.” Beruta thought to herself.

Beruta exited the building and returned to Yomie.

“Alright! Let’s get moving!” Yomie said excited about the start of an adventure. Then she looked at Beruta. “Wait, you don’t have any clean clothes?” Yomie asked.

“No, I wasn’t focused on any of that when I started my journey.” Beruta responded.

I don’t think we could talk to Yaooan if you look like that. Her guards would never let us get close.” Yomie said.

“Yaooan had guards? How important is this person?” Beruta asked.

“Well, according to the Knowledge Network, she is the main person associated with Vaneluresa. Who if we do even more digging within quotes from prior Government Employees, was the sole reason that Marian South was able to develop as efficiently as it did. So Yaooan, who is closely associated with her, would be as important, if not more important than the Doctor. But so little is known about Yaooan, that she almost seems as though she appeared from thin air.” Yomie informed Beruta.

“No way! Then what’s our plan to talk with her!?” Beruta asked as they headed somewhere to eat.

“It seems that she isn’t exactly a celebrity considering how little people actually know about her. Seems only important the highest people in Government knows of her importance. If they didn’t know anything about Vaneluresa, then Yaooan would seem like any other rich person.” Yomie said.

“Okay, I get it. So all we really need to do is just be in places where Yaooan is located. She likely wouldn’t have anyone around her but her guards, so that would offer me an opportunity to speak with her.” Beruta suggested.

“That is definitely a plan we could go with.” Yomie said. “But before all of that, definitely a change of attire, then getting rid of the smell of sand and sweat from your body. After that we can add some volume into your skin and we will be all good!” 

“Was there really that much wrong with my physical presentation?” Beruta asked.

“Yes… I didn’t want to mention it all at once before because you just came over the border from a long journey, but… I can definitely tell that you went through quite the journey.” Yomie described.

“If I smell that badly then why are we going out? I should have washed up at my place and could have worn one of your outfits.” Beruta said freaking out that she could accidentally make a bad impression on someone.

“I didn’t bring any extra outfit with me, besides, the chances of you running into Yaooan while buying clothes is so astronomically low that I would even say it’s impossible.” Yomie assured Beruta.

“If you say so.” Beruta responded.

Yomie and Beruta arrived at a generic clothing store. The place was extremely clean but didn’t have anything that could be classified as high society.

It was a bit later in the day so not many people were out shopping. Yomie and Beruta were freely able to scour the store for the best deals.

Beruta scanned her body into the store display. They went through looking for clothing to add to the queue.

The scanning device presented a visual image of Beruta in the clothing that is imputed. It renders her in various positions so that she doesn’t needlessly put on clothing that she could tell wouldn’t look good on her.

“Yomie, I think I would look better in more form fitting attire, like a military uniform.” Beruta suggested to Yomie.

“Hmm, I guess. But I thought you probably would look better in an older military style, ones that have a heavier cloth draped over your body.” Yomie added.

“We will just see, just find what you like.” Beruta said.

Outside of the store an Entourage appeared. There were guards surrounding someone as they walked through the store.

Yomie and Beruta paid it no mind because they were busy looking for clothing of their own.

“I think I am going to try these on, they looked pretty good on the scans.” Beruta said to Yomie before she disappeared into a changing sphere.

“Excuse me, do you have some ordinary clothes for me to work with? I’m trying to make some clothing for a statue.” The person who had the entourage asked the store owner.

“Sure, anything in the store is available to be modified.” The store owner said.

“Oh sorry. I meant just cloth. Not the entire clothing itself.” The celebrity-like person tried to clarify.

“I will look for any of the leftovers we may have. Just one moment please.” The store owner said as they walked towards one of the spheres.

The celebrity watched as they made their way over to where Yomie was.

Yomie looked over and before her and the celebrity could make eye contact Yomie turned away, as to not be caught staring.

Beruta came out of the sphere. “So! How do I look?” Beruta asked Yomie.

Yomie nodded her head. “It’s just as I expected. Looks pretty good on you. Especially with your slender frame.” Yomie said.

Beruta then looked over at where the celebrity was.

“When did they get here? Who are they?” Beruta asked.

“I don’t know. They just came by not too long ago asking for pieces of cloth.” Yomie responded.

The celebrity and Beruta made eye contact with one another.

Then the store owner returned.

“Will these work for you?” The store owner asked.

“Those should be fine. May I purchase all of them?” The celebrity asked.

“Certainly. This is the total for all this fabric.” The store owner said placing the totals into the counter. The celebrity purchased it all, and their bodyguards grabbed the items.

“Thank you for your patronage.” The store owner said.

The guards then escorted the celebrity towards the door. She had a sad look on her face, as if she was extremely lonely.

“It must suck being that famous.” Beruta said.

Yomie then looked to see if she recognized who that was. “I have never seen that person before. But there were a lot of guards. I don’t see anyone with that much protection.” Yomie said to Beruta.

“Maybe she was Yaooan.” Beruta joked with Yomie.

“Can you imagine, if she was we just missed a huge opportunity.” Yomie laughed with Beruta.

The celebrity sat in the vehicle.

“My Lady, is there anything you want before we return to the Capitol Building?” One of the guards asked the celebrity.

“What I want can’t really be found in a store could it?” The celebrity responded.

“My apologies, Miss.” The guard said as the vehicles pulled out.

The celebrity thought about how Beruta and Yomie interacted with each other in that place. “I feel like I had someone that I enjoyed as much as they were.” The celebrity thought to herself.

Yomie and Beruta had their meal and returned to Beruta’s place.

“That was fun!” Beruta said to Yomie.

“Well, you were the perfect company, so that went without saying.” Yomie responded. “So anything you want to do tomorrow?” Yomie asked.

“I think we should begin our search for Yaooan. She shouldn’t be impossible to track down. I bet she has a schedule published somewhere.” Beruta suggested.

“Let’s look that up.” Yomie said as she pulled up her knowledge network. The screen opened wide so that Beruta could see it. “Okay, let’s see. How about we go for the Scheduling of Yaooan.” Yomie said as the Knowledge Network went through all data that would match what Yomie was searching for.

“Doesn’t seem to be a schedule, and like you said earlier, there doesn’t seem to be much data behind her. Though there does seem to be a fringe group that writes articles about her. They definitely don’t seem to be fans.” Beruta found.

“They write mainly opinion pieces about how her existence feels similar to that of the Queens of Marian North. Many people are not particularly happy with the royalty there… for obvious reasons.” Yomie informed Beruta.

“They do say that she travels from the Capitol Building to an isolated hill just outside of Asso’an from time to time. And also notes that the hill became incorporated as part of the city limits and became gated.” Beruta read.

“According to General News, they were responsible for several attacks on her. Luckily, her guards prevented the attacks from being successful. It probably would have been a disaster if they were successful. With Yaooan’s background that would probably end the entire country.” Yomie said.

“I should try and become one of her guards.” Beruta suggested to Yomie.

“Impossible. You are a citizen of the Suminiatini Federation, you are the last person they would let guard Yaooan.” Yomie responded.

“Dang, that is an issue.” Beruta then paused. “How about you become her bodyguard?” Beruta jokingly suggested.

“No way, I am curious about obtaining knowledge on these Demigods, being a guard sounds way too stressful.” Yomie responded with a strong and definite no. “You could try becoming a regular bodyguard first for non-political VIPs, then maybe after making a name for yourself become recognized as dependable.” Yomie suggested.

“That sounds like it’s going to take forever.” Beruta complained.

“The training should be no problem for you, especially since you were in the military. And while you go through that, I could try and figure out how that technique stuff you were talking about worked.” Yomie said to Beruta.

“Guess I don’t really have much of a choice.” Beruta then remembered she forgot something important. “Oh no! My Crystal! I left it in the vehicle I drove up in!” Beruta panicked.

“What’s so important about that?” Yomie asked.

“I forgot, but I do recall that it was vital when I was learning techniques from Iota.” Beruta responded.

“Your vehicle is at the border?” Yomie asked.

“Yes, could you believe that a Gato Erect built it.”  Beruta said to Yomie.

“That’s harder to believe than you saying you had Demigod techniques.” Yomie responded. “If it’s just a Crystal, then we could always just get another one, right?” Yomie asked.

“Do you all freely have Energy Crystals available?” Beruta asked.

Yomie thought for a bit.

“On second thought… we should probably grab the one in your vehicle you drove in.” Yomie responded.

They both then got back into Yomie’s vehicle and headed to the border.

Upon arriving at the border Yomie talked to her Subordinates.

“What did you do with the vehicle that should have been parked about right there?” Yomie pointed at where Beruta said she left it.

“We disposed of it. It was an abandoned scrap. We even waited the entire day for someone to claim it.” The Border Officer responded.

“Well that makes things inconvenient.” Yomie said. “Do you know where the scraps go?” Yomie asked.

“To the disposal facility just East of here. Though I think they are closed at this hour.” The Border Officer said.

“Thanks.” Yomie said before leaving to meet back up with Beruta.

“So what did they say?” Beruta asked.

“Your vehicle has been completely scrapped.” Yomie responded.

“Dammit, we are too late then.” Beruta said.

“Too late? No, all we have to do is just enter the facility and retrieve your Crystal.” Yomie said with a smile.

“Ah, isn’t that breaking in? You know, I am still a foreigner, and aren’t you a Government Official?” Beruta pointed out.

“Come on, we can’t miss this chance for you to continue your technique that you’ve been talking about all day.” Yomie said to Beruta.

“Well if you are up for it, then I am too.” Beruta responded.

They both then drove towards the disposal facility.

The Facility was large and had a thick gate surrounding it. The scraps get scanned and pulled apart by the machines inside the facility. Those are then separated into heaps, and those heaps go through post processing where they are crushed and pulverized. Then the remaining dust is still separated once more before it gets reformatted into usable material.

“My Energy Crystal will definitely not survive all this.” Beruta said to herself.

Yomie crouched at the gate. “I’m going to scan this gate, and have it run its day time protocols, that way we would not be interrupted by the security systems.” Yomie said to Beruta.

“That would turn on all the machines too, right?” Beruta asked.

“Yes, so once that happens, we have to be fast.” Yomie said. She then began her scan on the system. Then she inserted her own inputs.

The lights of the facility turned on and the gate opened up.

“Wow, that’s pretty cool. I didn’t know you were such a technical person.” Beruta complimented Yomie.

“Well, I wasn’t good enough to push the time back enough to give us more than 10 minutes in here, so that’s also a limit too.” Yomie responded to Beruta.

Beruta and Yomie entered the facility. Beruta immediately started looking for the vehicle.

“The camera’s are running the same loop of the prior 15 minutes, so don’t worry about them.” Yomie said to Beruta.

Beruta gave her a thumbs up.

The further Beruta went, the more of a daunting task it became. Beruta looked up at the literal mountain of garbage.

“This is going to be impossible.” Beruta thought to herself.

The trash then began to move as items were being pulled from the bottom. The facility began processing the junk.

“Okay, no time to be overwhelmed. I have to locate it and grab the Crystal.” Beruta thought. She climbed atop the mountain of trash and began throwing bits off.

“Any luck yet?!” Yomie yelled out.

“This is way too much. Do we have a more precise time of when it came in?” Beruta asked.

Yomie then looked down at the Facilities’ Network. “The Officers said that they waited the entire day for someone to claim it, which means that it probably arrived here near the end of the evening, but also before closing. So that would leave about an hour window of footage to look through.” Yomie thought to herself.

Beruta continued to search through the trash. “This is exhausting.” Beruta thought to herself. “But it’s for the Crystal, so I need to keep going.” Beruta pushed herself.

Yomie connected the Facilities Network to an analyzer of hers. She made it so that it could scan through a video for items.

“Beruta! What did your vehicle look like?” Yomie asked.

“It was Light Brown, slightly darker than the sand. It rode on dull orange sleds, maybe about 4 meters long. It was extremely dusty, and had an open hole on the side.” Beruta responded.

“The orange sleds and the length are good markers to look for.” Yomie thought to herself.

She configured her system to look for something that looked like that. Then she had a hit.

“Beruta! Check on the 3rd Machine from the entrance. The vehicle was placed in that pile!” Yomie yelled out.

“3rd Pile, got it!” Beruta yelled out.

Beruta hopped down from the 1st pile and made her way there. The machines continued to chomp down on the mountains.

“Let’s see, let’s see.” Beruta thought as she was trying to look for it.

She then saw the vehicle fall onto the main component of the disposal.

“Crap! Now it’s dangerous to get it!” Beruta said, hoping down on the belt.

She then tried to push the vehicle over, but it was magnetically connected to the belt. It wouldn’t budge.

“Great, then I will just work with it here.” Beruta thought to herself.

Beruta had about 18 seconds before she gets shredded with the vehicle and processed as mere organic material.

“Beruta!” Yomie yelled out.

“One second!” Beruta responded.

“Beruta, we are running out of time!” Yomie yelled out.

“Just a little more!” Beruta pulled apart the vehicle parts and finally got into where the Shard was.

She grabbed it and her foot slipped to where the shredding began.

Then the entire facility turned off.

“What?” Beruta was surprised. She should be dead right now.

“Beruta! We need to leave immediately! The security is about to reboot!” Yomie said to Beruta.

Beruta jumped down from the belt. And they both began running towards the gate.

Yomie hopped over the closing gate. And Beruta grabbed on the top of it, burning her hands slightly.

She fell and rolled onto the ground outside of the facility.

The entire building’s Security System was fully online and monitoring.

Yomie looked at her timer and it hit zero, but she was already out and in the clear.

Beruta tried to cool down her hands. “Ouch! Dang that burns.” Beruta said.

“That was definitely a rush.” Yomie laughed.

“Who would have thought that getting some trash was so difficult.” Beruta said, tossing the Shard onto the seat.

“So that’s the legendary Energy Crystal that powers cities. I’ve never seen one in person. They look a lot more lackluster than I imagined.” Yomie said as she continued to move.

Beruta applied an ointment on her hands so that the healing could begin.

“Well great. Now when I go to the Body guard training I have to work with these scarred hands.” Beruta said.

“We can always delay it for a little bit until you are all better. No need to rush it too much. We got the Energy Crystal afterall.” Yomie responded.


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