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Start of an Evil Enterprise – The Country of Fu – Year 94017

Queen Yaema Houya

Excerpt from the Authority Journal of the Houya Ruling Family of the Fu Nation:

I received an interesting preposition from the Leader of Ea. Apparently they praise our soft beauty and our delicate features, they long to see us everyday and it is a shame that none of us Ren Shaole reside below the Central Mountains. They offered Fu protection against the Nations of the South in exchange for some of our people to return to their home nation. On top of their protection they even offered a monetary gain for our nation. Of course I am not going to sell our people of Fu to go into their strange lands, I feel that giving them our prisoners from the Nations of Jie and Tan would suffice. Surely those foreign people of Ea can’t tell the difference between us.

Those peoples (Jie and Tan) should appreciate that they now have value. Truly them remaining up North with the rest of us decedents from the Great Shao Empire would make them seem as garbage. At least this way they can be worshiped rather than imprisoned.

I’ve made up my mind. I am agreeing to the deal. The Nation of Ea get what they want, we get protection from the Ren Xi Nations in the South, the Fu and Tan are treated to a greater life, and our Nation will earn profit. Tomorrow after lunch I am going to enter the Conference Hall and tell them my decision. Blessings from the Fates that this leads us into a glorious future.

Because of this trade my family, my people were forced into the Nation of Fan, then suffered through Centuries of discrimination eventually leading us to move to Joi! If it weren’t for this idiotic decision from Queen Yaema my family could have been Rulers, Scientists, Travelers or anything, but instead they were pets! Screw this Queen, screw the Ancient Fu, and screw the Old Ea!

– Oritus Xiudanis, Tree Organizer for Sha City in Joi (Year 99530)

Fan is now a diverse Nation because of this, and that is a good thing. The remainder of the Jie and Tan people outside of Jieru, the People of Song and Ziu and us Natives of Fan all grouped up here together to create one of the greatest Nations on Earth. The Old Nation of Fu had made their mistakes and now they are gone and we are still here, let’s make the most of it.

– Doctor Poligus, Community Engineer of the Nation of Fan (Year 96825)

Stuff like this happens all the time. I would not wager any amount of money to find a Nation that did not try to earn monetarily from the selling of people. Its just that the Ea did it the biggest.

– Donagan Vern, Governor of the Pigan State (Year 97128)

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