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Yaooan: Tale of Fate – Chapter Three

Growth of the Team

Randiantsi and Yaooan landed at the base of the mountain. The air around it gave an effect that slowly decreased the life of the people around. Luckily both of them had enough health where it would take at least an hour for this to become worrisome.

“Hot, hot! Wow, this place isn’t any joke. I bet we are the only ones around for kilometers.” Randiantsi said, smiling at Yaooan.

Then a guy came from around the mountain. “Hey! It must be my lucky day, fancy seeing you here.” He said.

“Oh no, not you…” Randiantsi said, seeing Yuski approach them.

“Come on, you wanted to take on this beast right.” Yuski said, gesturing at the mountain. “I was showing a couple of  promising new guys this location, but now since you are here I guess we might as well actually battle against this behemoth.” Yuski said, speaking towards Randiantsi.

“So you aren’t strong enough to take this beast on your own?” Randiantsi mocked him.

“Oh no I’m plenty strong enough to do this on my own. I practically do it once a day, it’s a good place to get loot to sell. But for experience I go to the one located deep beneath the sea.” Yuski responded.

“Well aren’t you a hero…” Randiantsi said sarcastically.

“I can be your hero anytime.” Yuski responded to Randiantsi’s sarcasm. “So how about it? Join me to take on this guy?” Yuski asked Randiantsi.

Randiantsi turned towards Yaooan. “What do you think, should he tag along with us?” Randiantsi asked Yaooan.

“I literally have zero issues with him. I say yes, since he seems genuine enough.” Yaooan told Randiantsi.

“Dang, I was hoping you would give me an excuse to say no…” Randiantsi lowered her head and turned to Yuski. “Sure, you can tag along with us.”

Yuski cheered a bit. “Okay, so open up your Raid party and invite me into it. I’m sure you already know my name.” Yuski said, winking.

“Sure.” Randiantsi added Yuski to their Raid party. “And what about those new guys over there?” Randiantsi pointed at the new recruits.

“I’ll have them join my Raid Party, I don’t want you to have to split your loot 6 ways. I prefer it being Split into thirds, then I split my third with them.” Yuski responded.

“Oh, that’s actually pretty cool of you.” Randiantsi said to Yuski.

“Oh! My heart! That’s the first compliment from a Tsundere I’ve ever gotten, am I really the protagonist of this adventure?!” Yuski said, all dramatic like.

“And like that you are back to where you were.” Randiantsi said, completing the registration.

“Okay, everyone ready up. You two take my flanks, when I reload I want you to cover me with Air Blade Strikes from your sword, and Sharp Strikes from your Whip. Slashing damage does not work on this beast so don’t get any ideas! I’m looking at you, sword guy, don’t try and run at this boss! Whenever the beast is at its most vulnerable you two come behind me and I will deliver a piercing blow into its chest. At this spot is where you will proceed to slash its heart, then you use your whip to pull it out.” Yuski laid out a plan to the 2 recruits who readied in his party.

“Do you have a plan for us?” Yaooan asked Yuski.

“Ah, you guys don’t have to do anything, we got this completely under control.” Yuski replied to Yaooan.

Yaooan walked back over to Randiantsi. “Well I guess we are just going to be observing this time.” Yaooan told Randiantsi.

“Yeah no, freak that, we are going to battle just like the rest of them!” Randiantsi said as the mountain opened up and the cage containing the beast broke apart.

It was a burning Wyvern, with thick dark red skin and bright yellow eyes. It’s tail was on fire and it’s teeth stuck up from its bottom jaw. It had three horns on its head, two on the top and one almost on its nose. The beast hit the ground below and created a thunderous EarthQuake.

“Oh wow, this is scary.” Randiantsi said, preparing her threads.

Yuski spit a huge jet of water from his mouth, chilling the skin of the beast, as the other guys behind him waited as they were told to.

“He is not going to get all the glory from this.” Randiantsi said as she threw her needles at the Beast. Once the threads entered its skin she tried to cut it into pieces by pulling her threads through its body. But her threads snap since it’s skin is invulnerable to slicing damage which Randiantsi weapons were. “Oh crap.” Randiantsi said, holding pieces of her thread.

The beast looked at the two girls and turned its attention to them, ignoring Yuski.

“Oh no!!” Yuski called out as he tried to rush to them. The beast’s tail tried to smack Yuski out of the way, keeping him distracted. “What are you two doing!? Go over there and protect your party members!” Yuski said fighting to get from under the beast’s tail.

The beast inhaled a huge breath of air and then shot an extreme flame at Yaooan and Randiantsi. Yaooan covered her head with her hands and launched an enormous wave at the beast tossing it across the arena.

Everyone was stunned including Yuski. Yaooan then uncovered her head to see what damage had been done. She noticed that everyone was looking at her. She rushed over to help Randiantsi to her feet.

“Impressive…” Yuski looked at the Party list. “Impressive Vani!” He said as he was clapping.

The beast then got back up with half of its face missing. It then began to swing its tail with reckless abandon.

Yuski ran over to the two girls and lifted them up out of the way of the tail’s impact. The two new guys were thrown hard into the side of the mountain.

“Are your guys okay?” Randiantsi asked Yuski.

“Oh they are fine, they have nearly top tier armour.” Yuski said before watching the beast blast the two guys with the most ferocious blast of heat he has ever seen. “Ah, well, I’ve never seen that happen.” Yuski said preparing a revival drink. “I hope you have another one of those blasts in you, Vani, because I’m going to be a bit occupied for a moment.” Yuski said heading over to his party.

“Did you see that, Vani? My weapon has no effect on this beast. I’m basically useless right now.” Randiantsi said, throwing her threads to the side.

Yaooan watched the beast try and launch another blast at the distracted Yuski. “You’re not useless in this Raid, use your shield.” Yaooan said to Randiantsi.

“Use my shield, for what, to hide behind, or maybe you expect me to…” Randiantsi then had a bright idea. She summoned her shield and ran out to Yuski.

“Hey Yuski, spit your frozen breath at my Shield.” Randiantsi called out to Yuski.

“I can’t do that to you, I’m going to hurt you.” He said worried.

“Just do it, and we can hang out later.” Randiantsi said to Yuski.

He then immediately spit it at her Shield. The Ice began to spread throughout her Shield and almost to her hands before Randiantsi threw it into the air. “Vani! Shoot a beam to lodge my shield into its skin!” Randiantsi called out to Yaooan who immediately shot the shield driving it into the beast’s skin.

The frigid cold from Yuski’s breath spread into the innermost layer of the Beast’s body, freezing it from the inside. 

“Oh I see what you’re doing!” Yuski said as he ran at the now slowed beast and kicked open its chest exposing a nearly frozen heart. 

Randiantsi took out her thread and threw the needle into its heart pulling it out of its Chest. Ending the Raid.

Yaooan came down to Randiantsi, as Yuski was healing up his Party. “Nice thinking Randiantsi.” Yaooan said to Randiantsi giving her a hug.

The beast’s body drained into the ground and a cave opened up, showing its stockpile of treasures and SRCs. 

“Oh wow, have you ever seen so much treasure, Vani!” Randiantsi said to Yaooan.

“No I haven’t… this is insane.” Yaooan replied as both of their names received an icon next to them, indicating that they defeated one of the Raid bosses.

“Ah, dang, we basically just got in your way. Sorry about that.” One of the new Players said to Yaooan. 

“Oh no, no, that’s just how things went down, don’t feel bad about it.” Yaooan responded to the guy.

“You were amazing, Randiantsi, such a quick wit.” Yuski said standing in front of Randiantsi.

“Ah, thanks Yuski…” Randiantsi responded.

“Now about that hang out you said I could have….” He immediately brought it up.

“And back to normal.” Randiantsi said, turning away from Yuski. “Let’s go collect our loot and head back home.” Randiantsi said to Yaooan.

“But the Shield thing…” Yuski said in a quieter voice.

“You have my contact, just message me later.” Randiantsi said to Yuski as she summoned a vehicle and proceeded to jump on it leaving room for Yaooan to take the front seat.

“That was fun Yuski! Don’t be too hard on those guys.” Yaooan said before they drove forward back home.

Yaooan made it back to their home territory and found a copious amount of experience just laying around their territory.

“Well it looks like those Stealth Warriors did their job, and just 10 of them perished, neat. I think our place will be secure during school tomorrow.” Randiantsi said collecting the dropped equipment.

“Yea, I guess it will be. Sucks that I do have to go to school, this world is so much better than reality.” Yaooan said to Randiantsi, as she checked the time.

“I agree, that’s why I spend nearly all my free time here now.” Randiantsi responded. “Wish it was this easy to move around in the real world haha.” Randiantsi said sitting next to Yaooan.

“So, see you here tomorrow?” Randiantsi asked Yaooan.

“You bet!” Yaooan said, smiling before logging off.

“Another fun time with Randiantsi. I hope I dream about this.” Yaooan thought to herself as she then got into bed. Yaooan then heard some fighting outside of her room.

“I wish reality didn’t suck so much…” Yaooan thought before she went to sleep.

Yaooan dreamt that she was standing in front of two giant women. One with the name of Pain on her chest and the other with the name of success. The Success woman continued to give Yaooan stuff trying to make her happy. Then the one with Pain continues to hit Yaooan with her fingers.

Yaooan looked at the 3rd woman who was turned away from her playing with other people. Yaooan tried to call out to her but her voice seemed like she was underwater and Yaooan could not even hear herself.

The third woman began to turn around, then the alarm rang.

“Damn, same old stuff, just a different day.” Yaooan thought to herself as she stretched and went to her bathing room.

Yaooan turned on some videos as she brushed her teeth. She saw that people started vlogging their adventures in Rutanu. She watched how much of a hard time they were having getting past the forest. She even saw some people try to enter her territory and get defeated. This brightened Yaooan’s morning as she then headed out, bringing just her essentials.

Yaooan soon heard that same annoying voice behind her.

“Hey Yaooan, why do you have that on your face today, are you getting surgery later to fix that ailment or, wait… oh I’m sorry. That’s just your smile.” Paiyi said as the group laughed and continued on.

“It wouldn’t be a school day unless I see them, I swear they just wait for me to head to school.” Yaooan thought to herself as she continued on behind them.

Yaooan approached the gate of the school.

“Bringing anything weird into my school, Student 1076?” The patrol asked..

“No Sir, I am clean.” Yaooan responded before going directly into her home room’s hall.

“Hey 1076!” Anhou called out to Yaooan in the hall.

“Hey Anhou, what’s up?” Yaooan responded.

“I tried to grind up some level yesterday but got completely obliterated, I think I’m back to square one.” Anhou said to Yaooan with a smile on his face.

“Why are you happy about that?” Yaooan asked.

“Last night I was super torn up about it, I wanted to quit the game completely. Now that I got a little rest I realized that I’m playing Rutanu to hang out with my friends. I know I won’t be able to be the best.” Anhou responded to Yaooan.

“If you learned that lesson earlier you may have been part of my party.” Yaooan said about to head into the classroom.

“Yeah, that’s the thing though, since we will be going to the tournament together, how about we join in the same party and hang out a bit more, so it’s not so weird when we go.” Anhou said as he rubbed the back of his head.

Yaooan stopped and turned around to look at Anhou. “Ahh, sure…” she reluctantly said. “But only because we are going to the tournament together, not for some relationship type of thing.” Yaooan told Anhou.

“Sounds good to me.” Anhou said quickly, interrupting Yaooan from finishing the rest of her sentence. “Ah excuse me, it would be nice to know your name.” He tried to quickly say before Yaooan entered the class.

The hallway was empty for a second with just Anhou standing there waiting.

Yaooan came back out. “My name is Yaooan.” She then entered her home room.

Anhou pumped his fists.

Yaooan now sat in her seat.

“I guess it’s actually going to happen. When I land in Vesatanis I should just stay there and have an apartment.” Yaooan thought to herself as she pretended to pay attention.

“Don’t think I can’t tell that you are just daydreaming, Student 1076.” The home room teacher addressed Yaooan. Yaooan then popped back into reality. “Don’t let me catch you daydreaming again or else I’m kicking you out!”

Yaooan then sat up in her chair and stared at what the teacher was writing. “Yes Ma’am, sorry Ma’am.” Yaooan responded.

Same classes as usual passed through the day. Royal Etiquette, then Anthropology and so on.

Yaooan just went through the motions of the day classes. Eagerly awaiting for the break period. “Why am I even carrying this bag, it’s not like I’m trying to stay at this school.” Yaooan thought to herself. She imagined just tossing out her school material then going out on an adventure. But of course she would never do such a thing. She isn’t Vani, she doesn’t have the power to just go off and do whatever she wants.

History recreation class ended with the recreation of the collapse of The United Eastern Federation which caused Marian to separate from Vlagora, Kima, Capicalo and various other nations. This event occurred nearly 3 centuries ago due to political differences and the handling of pollution.

 “Such small differences back then.” Yaooan thought to herself.

Yaooan went to the Music Rooms and they were filled with new students. “Dang really… where am I supposed to sit?” Yaooan said under her breath.

Then Anhou tapped the back of her shoulder. “Hello Yaooan!” He said with some joy in his voice.

“What do you want?” Yaooan responded.

“Well since there is no room here, I thought I would go and find a place more private.” Anhou said, moving his eyebrows.

“I’m not going there with you.” Yaooan responded.

“Okay okay, it’s not private, it’s just in the courtyard next to the cafeteria. There are some of the OG players there.” Anhou told Yaooan.

“Sure! Let’s hurry up then, I don’t want to keep Randiantsi waiting.” Yaooan briskly began moving.

Anhou followed behind Yaooan as they both found a place to sit in the courtyard. There were about a dozen other players around already logged in.

Yaooan logged in, and Anhou soon after.

Rider saw the icon next to Yaooan’s name. “Damn really! You already completed a Raid, you’ve only been playing for like 3 days.” He said to Yaooan.

“Yea, but the difference between us is that I actually enjoy my time grinding with Randiantsi, your previous party just left you.” Yaooan said to Rider.

“What?! You think Randiantsi won’t leave you once you become too weak. You don’t even know her in person.” Rider said to Yaooan as they were setting up their equipment.

“Hmm maybe I should reconsider adding you to my party Anhou.” Yaooan said, as she was annoyed by his statement.

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry. I just don’t want to see you get burned like I did.” Rider said following behind Yaooan.

Yaooan then threw him a bag and a string. As she then summoned her vehicle. “Here.” Yaooan said as Rider caught the bag and string.

“What is this for?” Rider asked.

“I’m not going to let you ride with me. Tie the string to my vehicle and sit in the bag, no one who talks ill of party members are going to ride in this vehicle.” Yaooan said to Rider.

“Come on, you can’t be serious.” He said as he watched Yaooan turn on her vehicle. “Okay! Wait!.” He tied the string to the vehicle.

While the two were in the air and Rider was being tossed around.

“So what happened to your vehicle An… Rider.” Yaooan said to Rider, who was busy being spun around by the wind.

“Well I got jumped by a group of new players and tried to escape, but they damaged and destroyed my vehicle. I didn’t have enough money to repair it, so the repair time period elapsed and I just lost it completely.” Rider said to Yaooan who was barely able to hear him.

“What happened to your money?” Yaooan asked, trying to get more information about the game.

“Well funny story on that one, I tried to level up as fast as possible so I bought me some incredible gear, then I went and found a pretty good party and bought them some incredible gear too… then they attacked me, destroyed my gear and killed me, setting me back a few hundred SRCs.” Rider told Yaooan.

“Sounds like you’ve been having a rough time.” Yaooan said to Rider.

“Yeah, yesterday was not my day… but I’m sure today won’t be as bad.” Rider said as his bag began to roll on the ground because Yaooan landed.

“Dang, you’ve been doing some work, Randiantsi.” Yaooan thought as she looked upon the city Randiantsi created. “Hey, Randiantsi, I’m here. Where are you hiding?” Yaooan called out.

“Randiantsi? I don’t know who you are talking about, I am the Great Stone of Vandiantsi.” A voice from behind the boulder responded, trying to sound like a guy.

“Oh Great Stone, certainly you heard about the legendary Randiantsi. She is the slayer of beasts, the founder of nations and the heartthrob of Heros.” Yaooan said to the boulder.

“I’m not sure about that last part, but I might know who you are talking about.” The voice continued. “Just keep going, my memory is funny like that.”

“Hmm, she’s also like a meter tall and enjoys bitter stew.” Yaooan said jokingly before being interrupted.

“I am not just a meter tall!” Randiantsi came out from behind the Stone.

“I knew it was you the whole time.” Yaooan said laughing at Randiantsi.

Randiantsi then noticed Rider. She pointed at him. “What is he doing here, doesn’t he have friends to abandon us for?” She said angrily at Rider.

“Ah, no I don’t have friends to abandon you for, it’s just me, a lowly lvl 1 Player.” Rider said to Randiantsi.

“Boy you have fallen hard.” Randiantsi responded. “So what are you looking for, some Crystals? Some armour?” Randiantsi asked Rider.

“He is trying to join our team.” Yaooan said to Randiantsi.

“That’s a no, 100% no.” Randiantsi said immediately after the statement. “We already have Yuski trying to join us, and he’s like a billion times a person of better Character than Rider.”

“Oh, Yuski is trying to join us?” Yaooan asked Randiantsi. “When did that happen?”

“Eh, some time after the glowing ground lights, I told him he had to wait until you logged in before he got my answer.” Randiantsi said to Yaooan.

“Wait! So Yuski is in, your party?!” Rider asked, stunned at this revelation.

“Keep quiet!” Randiantsi said to Rider. “Every word you say makes me more and more not want to add you!”

“I think we should add Yuski, he’s a bit weird, but not in a malevolent way.” Yaooan told Randiantsi.

“Yeah, he invited me to this expensive city hall meal whenever I get an answer. So I suppose I’ll head over there and tell him.” Randiantsi said summoning the vehicle. “Can you take me there? I like riding behind you.”

“Sure thing, but what should we do with Rider?” Yaooan pointed at him.

“He can ride along the same way he got here.” Randiantsi said, looking back at Rider.

“Sorry Rider, that means back into the bag you go.” Yaooan said to Rider.

Rider jumped into the bag, and settled for a bumpy ride. “If this is what I need to do to gain your trust again, then there is no pain too great.” Rider said, bracing himself.

“Okay let’s go.” Randiantsi said as Yaooan took off.

“We are on our way, Yuski.” Randiantsi messaged.

“Seems you are tolerating him a bit more now, huh?” Yaooan asked Randiantsi.

“Well he spent the morning helping build Vandiantsi, as well as helping me hire up some NPCs, and how to put these New Players to work by making them grind for material in exchange for quests. He went from being a creepo to just being a weirdo.” Randiantsi said to Yaooan.

“A step in the right direction I suppose.” Yaooan added. “Don’t think that’ll work for you, Rider! Doing things for us is not going to get you on our good side!” Yaooan yelled down at Rider.

“What?! I can’t hear what you guys are saying, are you talking about me?!” He yelled back up in response.

The group landed in front of the city hall where there was a crowd of people standing in front of the building. Yuski was hounded by Players trying to be recruited by him, as well as those who tried to get a quick attack on him.

“Randiantsi, it’s my pleasure to see you, oh and the amazing Vani as well. I am so happy to see you too.” Yuski addressed the two girls. Rider then popped out of his bag.

“Hello Yuski, nice to meet you again.” Rider said to Yuski.

Yuski was taken aback by the surprise. “Ah, did you know he was riding along with you guys?” Yuski asked the two girls.

“Yeah, he has to earn his keep, so we carried him below the vehicle.” Randiantsi said to Yuski.

“Yuski, remember me, I fought you yesterday in the stadium.” Rider said to Yuski.

“I’m sorry, I fight a lot of people in the stadium each day. You’ll have to be more specific.” Yuski inquired for more information from Rider.

“I challenged you 1v1, I had a sickle and you threw it back at me…” Rider tried to clarify but it seemed that Yuski still didn’t know. Rider then paused a bit… “You got a perfect victory from me…”

“Oh yea, glad to see you are still playing, most people would have given up if they were in your shoes, you got heart. I might recruit you into my underlings party, we will just see how this meeting goes.” Yuski said to Rider right before him, Yaooan and Randiantsi went into the building which was restricted access from those without a Raid badge.

“Ah, finally I can decompress, it’s not easy being on top.” Yuski said to the two girls. “So what do you guys say, can I be in, your party?” Yuski asked excitedly.

“First let’s taste what they have to offer.” Randiantsi said moving forward.

“Oii you are so cute when you’re mean.” Yuski said, following behind Randiantsi.

They all were seated at a circular table in a separate room so that they could talk personally. The NPCs came in and out filling up their drinks, replacing dirty dishes and changing out cold meals for warm ones.

“Okay, Yuski.” Randiantsi began talking. “After careful deliberation, me and Vani… mostly Vani though, have decided that…” Randiantsi then pauses for effect.

Yuski eagerly awaited the final words.

“You are the newest member of our Party.” Randiantsi said as his name icon changed to match the colours of Yaooan and Randiantsi.

“Now this is special, never has there been a more genuine gaming relationship as the one you two have and I am so happy to be a part of it.” Yuski said standing up. “Will we all get to hang out at the tournament?”

Randiantsi placed up her finger.

“Oh right, baby steps.” Yuski said, sitting back down.

Outside, Rider was being questioned by the onlookers who were trying to get on Yuski’s good side. 

So how’d you do it? You’re just a level one, do you know Yuski personally? Were among the questions asked to Rider.

“Calm down folks, you could say that I am an OG Kingpin at this Game. What you see here is prestige. It’s when you become at such a high level that you have the option to reset but keep your weapons.” Rider said, trying to seem great to the crowd.

Then two Black Vehicles arrived on the scene. The crowd went silent as they saw a character step out of the vehicle, they wore armour plated out of LCs. 

“That has got to be 1000 Legendary Crystals at least…” someone said.

The guy pointed at Rider. “I’m currently the highest Ranked player in this entire game, how come I haven’t been prestiged yet but you have.” He asked Rider.

“Ah… well you see…” Rider said, too nervous to answer the question.

“Go on, spit it out.” The guy pressed on.

“Well… ah…” Rider tried to find a way to get the worlds out of his mouth. “Well… actually, you have to combine a Revival Drink with a Power Up Drink, then sacrifice yourself in the Hordes Field, and ah…” Rider began spouting nonsense before he was interrupted.

“Stop lying to these people, you are just a low level one trying to be more than you actually are.” The guy said to Rider.

“Hey! He is being considered an apprentice of Yuski, you might want to show some respect!” Another person in the crowd stood up for Rider.

“Yeah! Show me some respect!” Rider added.

“You know that would be impressive, if I wasn’t.” The guy took off his mask.”Samarino Supra.”

The crowd then became beyond quiet, it was more silent than a room devoid of air. This level of silence had been unheard of since the start of Rutanu.

“Whose Samarino Supra?” A new player asked.

“You know how Yuski has 2 loses on his record? Well Samarino Supra is the one who caused 1 of them.” Another member in the crowd explained.

Samarino Supra then Omni-slashed the entire area killing all the players surrounding the city hall. “That should teach them to stop hoarding around places they don’t belong.” He said as he walked into the building.

Rider messaged Yaooan. “I’ve just been killed again, but you won’t believe by who!” It was by Samarino Supra! I am so happy right now!” 

“Hmm, Rider just messaged that he got killed again, by a guy named Samarino Supra.” Yaooan said to Randiantsi and Yuski.

“Wow, now that’s a blast from the past, I wonder how he’s doing.” Yuski asked out loud.

Then they heard a knock on their door. “Yeah, who is it?” Yuski asked the person at the door.

“You know who it is, Yuski, open up.” Samarino said on the outside of the door.

Yuski opened it up, and Samarino walked in.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know he had guests here.” Samarino said as he looked at Randiantsi and Yaooan. “I’ll just wait until you are done.” 

“No, it’s okay. Please, sit.” Yuski pointed at the space. An NPC immediately brought a seat for Samarino to sit. “So what is it you wanted to talk about?” Yuski asked Samarino. But before he continued he felt it was appropriate to introduce the other two. “Oh, they are the ones who accepted me into their party, this is Vani and the lovely Randiantsi.”

“It’s just Randiantsi, I didn’t put ‘lovely’ in my username.” Randiantsi said as she and Yaooan greeted Samarino.

“Well, I’m back on my grind, considering the tournament is coming up, and wondered if you were down for a rematch.” Samarino asked Yuski.

“Eh, yikes… I would but I’m part of a party now, and I kinda don’t want to leave it to battle you.” Yuski said to Samarino.

“That’s fine, I’ll batlle all three of you. Kill three birds with one stone.” Samarino said to the group.

“What do you say, Randiantsi?” Yuski asked.

“Vani?” Randiantsi looked to Yaooan.

“Sure, I think we have a solid team.” Yaooan said to Samarino.

“Neata, I’ll meet you all at the Stadium.” Samarino got up from his seat and left the hall.

“He seemed a lot nicer than I would have imagined someone of his stature being.” Yaooan said to the two.

“Oh yeah, guys like us, we really like video games, so our tough persona is just to give a certain awe. But deep down, we just enjoy playing. That’s why it’s so frustrating to see players taking all the fun away from it.” Yuski said to the two.

“Pretty solid message, Yuski.” Yaooan said.

“Ha, I get one a day.” Yuski responded. “Let’s go and win this battle.” Yuski said getting up and cleaning his mouth before proceeding to throw the towel onto the table.

The party exited the hall.

“Wow he really did clear out the crowd.” Randiantsi noticed seeing no one around blocking Yuski’s way.

“So this is how it feels being able to move freely across this part of town.” Yuski said, spreading his arms out.

“Hey Vani, how confident do you feel that we are going to win this?” Randiantsi asked Yaooan.

“I think we are going to do pretty well, we have you with your incredible threads and obviously Yuski is very adapt at these PvP battles.” Yaooan said to Randiantsi.

Randiantsi looked at her hands. Yaooan then grabbed them.

“Besides, even if we do lose it’s not going to change much of anything, we can just go back out to the beach and catch like a billion more fish.” Yaooan said to Randiantsi who then wrapped her arm behind Vani.

“You two never registered for a battle, correct?” Yuski asked both of the girls.

“Of course not! But I’m sure you’ll be more than happy to tell us.” Randiantsi responded to Yuski.

“Damn, you know me so well now.” Yuski said with a wink. “So you go to the Stadium Master here at the entrance, he’s an NPC, so no real conversation to be had there-” Yuski explained before being interrupted by Randiantsi.

“False!” Randiantsi said, walking up to the NPC as she kept her eyes on Yuski. “How’d that statement make you feel, Mr.Stadium guy?” Randiantsi asked the NPC.

“You know, until you mentioned it, I guess being said to be incapable of a real conversation doesn’t feel so good.” The NPC responded to Randiantsi’s question.

“Well… guess I -” Yuski began saying until the NPC continued.

“Are you here to register for a match?” The NPC said to the group.

“Am sure they don’t stray too far from their pre-programmed responses.” Yuski finished the sentence he began saying.

Randiantsi then turned back to the NPC. “Yeah! We want to register, but not before you tell me what your favourite colour is.” Randiantsi told the NPC.

“It’s Teal. So which category do you want to register under?” The NPC responded.

“That seemed pre-programmed…” Yaooan added, and Yuski’s smirk grew.

Randiantsi with an increasingly disgruntled look on her face started Machine Gunning questions at the NPC.

“What’s your favourite animal?” Randiantsi asked.

“A Caifer, so about that category.” He responded.

“Favourite Movie!” Randiantsi asked.

“Ruseo and Hidres, have you thought about trying a ranked match?” He responded.

“Favourite Terrain!” Randiantsi continued.

“Babbling Brook, exhibition matches are full for today, you may want to try again tomorrow.” He answered.

“Can you quote the Poem of Suyudan in Summer?” Randiantsi asked.

“Bright Daylight Star beams on my skin a magnificent light.

For this shows me I am alive.

When the night comes to hide you behind the Earth,

Am I also practicing for when I die…” the NPC quoted.

They all looked at him, waiting for an extra statement.

“A ranked match will impact your overall record which could be found in the personal tab in your menu.” The NPC finished.

“I give up, but you must admit that whoever programmed them did a pretty good job at covering a bunch of topics.” Randiantsi said, pointing at Yuski.

“Okay, maybe they can have a Semi-Realistic conversation, but definitely not one where you could develop a friendship with one.” Yuski then signed the party up for a match against Samarino. “All done! We are battling in 4 matches. We should head in now.” 

“Why? Isn’t it a bit early?” Yaooan asked.

“4 Matches go by like this.” Yuski said, snapping his fingers.

The inside of the Stadium had an enormous cheer roaring out from it.

“See, that’s one match already done, remember how fast I beat that guy that was with you…” Yuski said, looking around for Rider. “Where is he?”

“Don’t know, and don’t care. Come on, you said we had to head in there.” Randiantsi said as the crowd began cheering again. “See you later Mr. Stadium Guy.” Randiantsi said to the NPC.

“Good Luck!” It responded.

Yaooan, Randiantsi, and Yuski walked into the Stadium, waving their hands at the crowd.

“Wow, I’ve never seen this many people around me before.” Yaooan said, looking at the crowd.

“Don’t focus on that too long, you might become too nervous or too thrilled. I don’t know your life.” Yuski said, as he began stretching.

Then the Stadium went silent, marking the entrance of Samarino. Samarino came in with his Omniblade swirling around himself creating a bright blue light. He walked slowly inside, looking around for anyone who made a peep. He dropped his dark cloak revealing even more blades underneath. Then he waved his hand and they all disappeared.

“Did you spend all your time away choreographing that entrance?” Yuski said, taking a fighting stance.

“As you can see, my control over my blades is mastery.” Samarino responded.

“Oh quick detail, Samarino’s ability is Telekinesis, but only on his swords. So watch yourself and you should be good.” Yuski told Randiantsi and Yaooan.

“Well, that’s good to know.” Randiantsi said, preparing her shield. “Guess my threads are useless against him.” She said to the two.

The audience began cheering as the match began.

Yuski ran around the arena, setting spit traps to keep Samarino in place. Randiantsi threw her shield at the ground to roll at the same speed as Yuski to kick up dust, hiding the location of the traps. And Yaooan prepared her finger for when it was time to attack.

“Everything’s set, let’s all attack him at once and throw him off balance.” Yuski said, preparing a spitball.

Randiantsi threw her shield into the air and Yaooan shot it to send it towards Samarino. It was sent at a speed that no person should be able to keep up with. Yuski also launched a sticky ball which would force Samarino to either take the Shield attack from Yaooan and Radiantsi, take the impact from Yuski’s attack, or dodge and risk exploding.

Samarino did not move. And joy came across the face of Randiantsi until…

Samarino blades came out, they cut her shield in half, split the spit path of Yuski’s attack and swiped the ground, destroying the traps, all in an instant. The crowd were in awe. Samarino pulled his blades back.

“Damn Yuski, I spent some time away, I thought you would’ve had something better prepared for me.” Samarino said to Yuski.

“I didn’t expect that you had that kind of range.” Yuski responded, spitting liquid metal and crafted himself a long sword. “I’ll go in and fight him hand to hand. If I attack him repeatedly without rest, I’m sure his mind can’t keep up.” Yuski ran in dodging the throne swords of Samarino. Yuski closed the gap, nullifying Samarino’s range.

“Bad move Yuski.” Samarino said as hundreds of swords appeared protecting Samarino’s front.

Yuski attempted to rapidly strike the shield but it was no use, the swords just blocked him.

“This ability I developed no longer requires me to control the swords, they move automatically to protect my body. So your speed means nothing now.” Samarino said, as he laughed behind his continuous protection.

Yuski attempted to spit but the swords swiped it out of the way. “Oh this is not good.”

Samarino then guided blades to surround Yuski. But then Samarino was blasted across the arena and into the stadium walls destroying all the swords he had out.

Yuski looked at Yaooan and gave her a thumbs up. “Nice shot!” He called out.

“I destroyed a mountain with that blast before!” Yaooan said back to a Yuski.

The crowd roared even louder. The sound was deafening. The match looked to be won by the trio. 

“Ah… why didn’t it show a victory icon on our screen…” Yuski thought as he, Randiantsi and Yaooan looked at the rubble.

“So she’s the powerhouse of the group.” Samarino said, getting up severely damaged.

“No way! He survived that!?” Randiantsi said, shocked at this new event unfolding.

Samarino then ran at Yaooan before anyone noticed and sliced her into pieces. “And like that, one bites the dust.” Samarino said, returning his swords back to him.

“No! Vani!” Randiantsi yelled out as she then summoned her shield and began running at Samarino. “Prepare to be crushed!” Randiantsi yelled out. Yuski then jumped in front of her.

“No, we need to think this through. Revive Vani with this.” Yuski handed Randiantsi a revival drink. “I’ll try to keep you protected, our abilities can’t get past his protection.” Randiantsi then ran towards Yaooan.

“I’m not going to let you do that.” Samarino then sent a sword out to Randiantsi. Yuski blocked it with his crafted sword. “Okay, I see what you are doing. Then let’s see if you can block a tornado of swords.” Samarino said, before summoning up thousands of blades to come down upon Yuski.

“Well… that’s unfortunate…” Yuski said before being consumed.

The Party was now down to Randiantsi, whose threads were of no use against Samarino’s Swords. She only had her Shield at her disposal. 

“Looks like it’s game over for you.” Samarino said, guiding the tornado to consume Randiantsi next.


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