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Creating Gods from Demigods: Chapter Six

“Ultimate Recourse”

The Scientists of Spark looked at the Data they were receiving from the Light Shard. Muiku’s indicators just had an enormous spike. Ventusr explained the events that were happening to Muiku.

“Muiku, had just lost everything and is now living their life fully independent of all of their caretakers. So we can say that Muiku has started down the Path of the Success of Pain. Brooke also has a slight bump as well, this must be towards Success of Accomplishment.” Ventusr explained to the scientist.

“What of Emma? Why isn’t she having rapid growth?” Platinum asked.

“Emma is simply living life. With Brooke’s current trajectory though, it is likely Emma will also have a bump as well.” Ventusr added.

Back on Cerberus.

Amelia, August and Lorey traveled to the Nighttime Armada. The Nighttime Armada traveled much more silently than its other day cycle members, however the population that lived aboard  its deck were much more lively. 

August assisted Lorey off of the travelers ships, and Amelia jumped off the deck herself.

“So this is the fabled Nighttime Armada.” Amelia said as she looked around the drop off point.

“I already arranged for transportation to the Hotel, so let’s make our way there.” August said to the two.

The Drop Off point glowed with bright lights, there were ships coming and going continuously from its ports. Individuals were excited to disembark and begin their rest and relaxation. Amelia looked around and noticed individuals up on the ceiling monitoring everything that was happening below. She scowled a bit seeing this.

“Hurry up Amelia, you’re falling behind.” Lorey said, gesturing for Amelia to speed up.

Amelia turned her focus back on her parents and continued to walk with them.

“Greetings Doctor Avian and his Family. I am Richard, I will be your driver during your stay aboard Nighttime Armada.” Richard the Butler said to the Family.

August entered the Vehicle with Lorey. Amelia looked at Richard, and tried to get as much information from his appearance as she could. “I like the colour Red.” Amelia said to Richard.

“Noted” Richard responded and Amelia entered the vehicle.

The dome that housed the Nighttime Armada was transparent, similar to all the other domes, however this one also featured arrows above to let the occupants know the cardinal directions. This was supposed to help with navigation since the features in the sky change throughout the year, unlike the day star which would always point in the West as in the daytime Armada. 

The buildings of the Nighttime Armada were close to one another and each were surrounded by groups of people. Music could be heard emitting from their walls, and the vibrations from those sounds could be felt on everyone traveling close by.

“This place is likely a cesspool of debauchery.” Amelia thought to herself watching those who made the Nighttime Armada their home.

“Do you have any recommendations for us while we are here in the Nighttime Armada, Richard?” Lorey asked.

“I am employed in the Nighttime Armada, thus this place isn’t particularly a location of entertainment for me. However, during my time here I have gotten to know a few places that could be considered fun. Those would be The Yeti Theatre, St. Misty’s Music Hall, and the Glass District.” Richard responded.

“Do any of those pique your interest?” Lorey asked Amelia.

“The Glass District, if I had to choose from that list, but I would also like to check out the Dark Library of Alchemy.” Amelia responded.

“Seems that you have done a little research on this place.” August added a comment.

“It’s only obvious to know information on the place you are traveling to.” Amelia responded, then proceeded to ignore them.

The family continued their way to the Hotel. Once they arrived, they entered their room and Richard transported their things inside.

“I’m going to step outside for a bit.” Amelia said to her Parents.

“Wait for us to finish. It is not safe for you to go out there alone. You are still not an adult.” August said to Amelia.

“Whatever.” Amelia said before leaving the room. The Parents shook their heads, being unable to control Amelia.

As Amelia was leaving the Hotel the Hotel Clerk stopped her. “Where are you going, Young Miss.” He asked Amelia.

“Just around.” Amelia responded.

“And your parents?” The Clerk asked.

“They are staying in the room. I am strong enough to handle myself.” Amelia responded to the Clerk’s most recent question.

“Even if that were the case, if you are unaccompanied by an adult you must always wear this.” The Clerk said, handing Amelia a silver ring.

Amelia put it on.

“Am I okay to leave now?” Amelia asked. The clerk then nodded and Amelia left.

Once Amelia was outside the Hotel she opened her small bag and brought out a bit of the Organic Matter she had stored from the Shadow Being. She connected the Shoulder Piece to the back of her head.

She tossed a bit of the Matter up and it connected to the side of a tall building. Amelia pulled her hand back and she was able to pull herself towards the building, to create a makeshift flight ability.

Amelia tossed another piece forward and moved towards it. Then she pulled the original piece back towards her. She used the two pieces to travel along the building tops.

“Well, that experiment was successful. Glad I finally got to test it outside.” Amelia looked down at the people below. She spotted down an alley a man following a younger woman. The woman kept looking back as if she was cautious of being followed, but this made no difference to her pursuer.

However, it wasn’t the scene itself that made Amelia notice. Amelia’s Shadow Figure pieces were able to detect a small field coming from the man. Amelia looked closer at the man and noticed a Shadow FIgure on his back.

Amelia smiled and jumped down towards the scene.

The man had successfully cornered the woman, and she was knocked down by him. He began to kick her legs as she was already on the ground. The woman screamed out.

“Shut up! Make any more noise and I will have to end your life!” The man yelled at the woman. He then pulled out a blade.

The woman went silent. He then continued to approach her more. Then suddenly from the sky Amelia dropped down and landed on top of the man. The impact slammed him into the ground. Amelia then gestured her Organic Matter and easily pierced through the Shadow Figures body.

“How do you see me?” The Shadow Figure said being severely maimed. 

Amelia then grabbed the piece that reacted the most to her and attached that to her neck as well. She then began to control the pieces that came off of the Shadow Figure.

“So can you guys actually die?” Amelia asked.

“You didn’t answer me!” The Shadow Figure responded angrily.

“Guess there is only one way to find out.” Amelia said before she controlled the organic matter to crush the Shadow Figure. The Shadow Figure attempted to resist the pressure. Because of this attempt Amelia was now able to see it.

“So that’s how you look.” Amelia thought to herself. The woman who was behind Amelia was also able to see the Shadow Figure and Amelia’s actions against it.

The Shadow Figure then began losing ground against Amelia. It noticed the woman trying to move away from the scene. The Shadow Figure sacrificed another part of its body to quickly try and possess the woman.

The woman saw the Shadow Figure coming directly towards her head with a vicious smile. The woman covered her head in an attempt to block it from hitting her.

Amelia then gestured to another piece that was left behind to intercept the Shadow Figure and crushed it. Amelia brought her hands together and every piece in the area combined together into a singular piece, and then became invisible.

“Good, I was worried that as I increased the amount of these pieces that it would eventually take up too much space, but it seems that the only thing that increases is its density and strength.” Amelia thought to herself.

The woman walked up to Amelia. “Thank you so much for saving me!” She thanked Amelia.

“I didn’t do that for you. If you are so weak that you couldn’t protect yourself against one person, then you are pretty much better off dead.” Amelia said to the woman. The man on the ground then began to move.

“I’m not going to save you.” Amelia said to the woman. Amelia then kicked the blade to her. “However you want to handle it is up to you.” 

The woman looked down at the blade. She then picked it up. Amelia stood back and watched, she was intrigued.

The man looked up and noticed the woman walking over to him with the blade. “Wait, hold on! I don’t know what came over me! I’m sorry!” The man screamed out as the woman kept walking closer.

“What was it you said to me? Make any more noise and I will end your life?” The woman asked the man.

The man covered his mouth as he continued to back up. The woman continued to walk toward him, but her hands were shaking. Amelia could tell that she was going to hesitate.

“You are either going to do it or not. An experienced fighter would have taken that blade back from you and you would be the victim again. Deliver your judgment.” Amelia said to the woman.

“I’m sorry.” The man said.

The woman then shoved the blade into the man’s leg and he cried out.

“Well, that was a waste of my time.” Amelia said, preparing to leave off.

“Wait, who are you? How can I get power like you?” The woman asked Amelia.

Amelia paused for a split second. “Hmm, I suppose having subordinates would not be a bad thing. Though with such a weak person, she may become more of a liability.” Amelia thought to herself.

“If you want to have this power, then I will give you a mission.” Amelia told the woman.

“What is it?” She responded.

“I want you to harvest people just like that man.” Amelia pointed at the man that was stabbed earlier who passed out from blood loss. But he was still lightly breathing. 

“How do I do that?” The woman asked.

“I don’t know? Be stupid and let them follow you. Then once you are cornered I will hop down and collect.” Amelia said to the woman.

“And if I do that, then you will grant me some power?” She asked Amelia.

“Sure, if you do the job well enough.” Amelia responded.

“My name Lucrecia by the way.” The woman told Amelia.

“I didn’t ask.” Amelia said before jumping up and overlooking the area from above.

Lucrecia went back into the Entertainment Buildings and was once again followed by someone. Lucrecia looked up and found Amelia watching.

Amelia was disappointed with how easy it was to get people to do what she wanted. Once Lucrecia was cornered, Amelia would drop down and execute the Shadow Figures that were guiding the men and women who pursued Lucrecia. And when they weren’t being influenced by a Shadow Figure Amelia just let Lucrecia handle it. With each execution Amelia absorbed more Divine Power.

Amelia’s ring started vibrating. “I suppose that means my parents are trying to call for me.” Amelia thought.

Lucrecia jogged towards Amelia.

“Should I go out and get another?” Lucrecia asked Amelia.

“No, I have enough Power now that I am able to survey and eliminate the figures myself from nearly a kilometer away.” Amelia said to Lucrecia with a bit of agitation. Not because of anything Lucrecia did, but because of August trying to contact her.

Amelia looked at Lucrecia. “I suppose I will fulfill my part of the deal.” Amelia said, looking up at Lucrecia.

Amelia outstretched her arm and isolated some Divine Energy, she shot a bit of it at Lucrecia’s head. Lucrecia felt a pull within her body.

“What is this feeling?” Lucrecia asked.

“You are now able to sense Divine Energy. Your body will be pulled towards it. And I have also given you enough power to where you’d be able to accelerate a 100 kilogram object to 30 meters per second from 0 in nearly an instant. About a nanosecond. But that is all you are getting, you won’t be able to regenerate it, so try and use it sparingly.” Amelia told Lucrecia before jumping up and leaving her behind.

“Thank you!” Lucrecia called out. Amelia was already high in the air by that time.

Amelia returned to the Hotel. August and Lorey were waiting for Amelia.

“Where have you been this whole time? We were worried sick.” Lorey said to Amelia.

“I’m obviously not hurt, so there’s nothing to worry about.” Amelia responded.

“Well we are heading to the Yeti Theatre. We will be watching their rendition of Pauline and the Pauper.” August said to Amelia trying to get her excited.

“I suppose I can spar a little time for this.” Amelia said to her Parents before they went out. Amelia sent out her shadow pieces and continued to exterminate the Shadow Figures in the area.

Professor Valentine began giving his lecture on a new method to generate power.

Junko, Jeanne and Flora sat in the lecture hall.

Professor Valentine pulled out a stone. “This here is a stone I have created by altering various structures of crystalline compounds to form an emergent property that loosens one’s own life essence and transforms it into energy.” Professor Valentine pointed at the board to show the configuration.

“The circuits formed from this structure serve to pull out the essence from your body and form it into something that could do work.” Professor Valentine squeezed the stone and extended his arm. Then he lit up a candle on the other side of the room.

The people in the lecture hall were amazed and clapped.

“If I may have a volunteer that would be much appreciated.” Professor Valentine called up.

Flora called out with excitement. “Me! Pick me! I want to try!” 

Professor Valentine allowed Flora to walk down to the center of the lecture hall. Professor Valentine handed Flora the stone. “Make sure to slowly increase the amount of strength you use when squeezing the stone, but don’t just use your strength, also feel your essence going into it. Too much and you could risk making yourself pass out or worse.” Professor Valentine told Flora.

Flora calmed down, and breathed slowly. “Okay.” Flora said before outstretching her arm. 

“You could say it out-loud to help you focus on what you are trying to accomplish.” Professor Valentine assisted Flora.

“Lit up!” Flora called out. Then the candle on the other side of the room lit.

Those in attendance clapped.

“Good work, Miss Flora.” Professor Valentine said to Flora. Flora then returned to her seat. “Does anyone else want to try?” Professor Valentine called up and others went.

“How did it feel?” Junko asked Flora.

“I don’t even know how to describe it. I guess it felt like using the bathroom?” Flora said to Junko.

“That’s odd.” Junko remarked.

“Well in the sense that I could feel it moving through my body and releasing it felt relieving. It felt warm and natural.” Flora described.

“Do you feel tired?” Jeanne asked.

“Not really. Maybe a tiny bit, but that could have just been from my excitement.” Flora responded.

Other Professors were talking in the back. “This discovery could revolutionize transportation and commerce. Imagine if we gave these stones to the miners on the bottom of the city, they could simply pull material from the ground below rather than having to use vehicles to gather.” The Professors said to each other.

“We could also use it for national security. Our soldiers could use this power to conserve ammunition.” Another note.

Suddenly a huge explosion happened at the center of the lecture hall. A student purposely used the stone to push it to the limit. The explosion caused a hole in the room.

Everyone turned their attention to the hole.

The Student then passed out and went into a coma. Medical staff then immediately went and carried the student to the infirmary. 

“As you have just seen, you must slowly increase the power of this…” Professor Valentine then thought of a name for the Power. “This Eon Energy, or else you could seriously harm yourself. I will begin taking questions.” Professor Valentine opened up the floor to those in attendance.

“Where could I get this stone?” A Student asked.

“You can come by my office to pick one up. Or make it yourself using the structure that is currently on the board.” Professor Valentine responded.

“Shouldn’t you be keeping this a secret? It could be dangerous.” Another Professor asked.

“All things that could be made to improve life could also be used to harm it. A blade could be used to carve a wooden statue or to wage a war, water could be used to quench thirst or to drown a person. My duty is to discover knowledge, not to declare its safety.” Professor Valentine said to the Professor.

“I suppose it would be up to the Government to determine its safety and decide what to do from there.” The same Professor said before leaving the room.

Junko then raised her hand. “Could this be used to create things? Like a house?” Junko asked.

Professor Valentine then gripped the stone. Then the Eon Energy began to condense and form into materials. Enough of these materials formed together to create a house.

“If a mindless universe could form items, then you should be able to as well.” Professor Valentine responded to Junko. Junko nodded her head.

“We should definitely get some for ourselves.” Flora said to the group.

“Didn’t you see what happened to that other kid, what if we aren’t careful enough?” Jeanne asked.

“We’re all smart enough not to do that. I say we use this new knowledge to make discoveries of our own. We could cause a new scientific revolution!” Flora said with excitement.

“I agree, I want one myself.” Junko added.

Jeanne then nodded.

The lecture soon ended and the girls went over to Professor Valentine’s office.

Athena was waiting outside the door. “What do you all want?” Athena asked the three.

“We are here to pick up stones.” Junko said to Athena.

Athena then pulled out a device and measured the girls. “I discovered a way to measure the amount of life essence you have because obviously you all are likely not conscious enough to keep track of it yourself.” Athena said to them. She then measured them.

Athena wrote on three different notes and handed one to each of the girls.

“That is the amount of life essence you have. I’d advise that you keep it hidden, but I don’t really care what you all do.” Athena said to them. She then let them enter the room.

Flora looked at her note. “Mine says 74.12” Flora told them.

“Oh, mine only say 22.15” Junko responded.

“Mine says 12.17” Jeanne said hers.

“Well, it looks like Flora has the highest life essence out of all of us.” Junko said to the group. “That means you probably could do the most amount of things with the stone.” 

“Seems like it, but I don’t want you all to think I am better than you guys. We don’t know how life essence is produced.” Flora said to the other two.

“It could be because of the amount of moral actions you’ve done. You are always helping people, and Junko seems to help people as well. I am a bit too timid, so I’m not as helpful as I should be, which is why mine is likely the lowest.” Jeanne said to the group.

“Like I said, do not think just because I have a higher number that I am better. Before this we didn’t even know what life essence was. So we can keep it that way.” Flora said to the two.

Professor Valentine sat in his office writing letters to Government Representatives. The three girls knocked. “Come in you three.” He said to them, they all then walked into the room.

“So how’d you all like the lecture?” Professor Valentine asked.

“It was great! I’ve never seen or felt anything like that!” Flora said to Professor Valentine.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Professor Valentine responded.

“How can someone like you be so amazing? How old is Professor again?” Flora asked.

“There is no way to know.” Professor Valentine jokes. “So you all came in here for some stones right?”

“That’s correct, Professor.” Junko responded to the Professor.

Professor Valentine handed the girls the stones. “I already gave you the warning, so do what you want with these.” 

Junko, Jeanne and Flora held the stones in their hands. They could feel their life essence flowing in their body.

The three then left the room and walked by Athena.

Professor Valentine then stepped to his door. “Are you sure you wanted to give this civilization that ability?” Athena asked Professor Valentine.

“The only way that we could move them towards their God Head would be to have them overcome and resolve strife in their lives. Doing this would guarantee disasters in this nation, because as we know, these Humans lack the ability as a society to not become corrupt with power.” Professor Valentine told Athena.

“Oh! So some excitement will finally start happening?” Athena smiled.

“Of course, in my estimates it should only take a few hours for someone to abuse this new energy.” Professor Valentine mentioned it to Athena.

“Exciting!” Athena remarked. “And what about Brooke? Should we give her this energy too?” Athena asked Professor Valentine.

“Brooke discovered her own Power, so it would be interesting to see if the two energies collide what would happen.” Professor Valentine responded.

Another night had passed on the Nighttime Armada, but because of its properties it remained dark throughout the day.

Amelia woke up early and left out to do some shopping. She left the room before August or Lorey woke up.

Amelia showed the clerk that she was wearing her ring and was allowed out without question. Amelia saw a clothing shop, and a long black trench coat. She entered the shop.

“I just want the coat that you have on display.” Amelia said to the Shop Owner.

“Are you getting this as a gift for your Father?” The Shop Owner asked while they picked up the Coat.

“Something like that.” Amelia responded.

“That’ll be 1 Platinum Coin.” The Shop Owner said.

Amelia handed over the Coin and received the Coat. Once outside she sent the coat into the air atop the roof of the Hotel.

Amelia then looked around. “I wonder where the deck overlook is located.” Amelia thought to herself before looking up at the dome above. She then began to move east.

The noises of the Music Halls and Entertainment were ongoing. Those places were opened continuously without closing and the staff simply moved in cycles to ensure it was always running.

“This was definitely the perfect location to test out this Divine Power, I would have nowhere near this amount of Energy if I remained in the daytime Armada.” Amelia thought to herself.

Along her route Amelia passed by a shop that was selling roses and daisies. The red of the roses were as deep as fresh blood. Their smell was intoxicating. Amelia nodded her head as she walked by.

Amelia made it to the overlook, and the wind was strong. She looked down at the ground below. Amelia attempted to send a bit of her Divine Power to the ground below but her reach wasn’t quite far enough.

“That’s not satisfactory.” Amelia thought to herself. Amelia looked around and saw guards making their patrols along the deck. She nodded her head to them. They continued their patrol. Amelia sent her Divine Energy down to feel if there were nets below the ship.

The nets below the ship had the purpose of catching objects that fell from above.

“That could be an issue.” Amelia thought to herself. Amelia walked up to a tour guide that was currently showing another group around the ship.

“Excuse me, can you tell us about the nets below the ship? How are they cleared?” Amelia asked.

“Ah, the Carrier Nets, yes. Those were established approximately 50 years ago. Funnily enough because the Captain of the Ship at the time dropped his favourite pair of glasses overboard. He was so heartbroken that he wanted to make sure that it never happened again. Thus commissioning their construction. The nets are cleared every 6 hours. During that time this area is closed and cleaning commences. But you’ll be able to watch the entire process from the Glass District.” The Tour Guide explained.

“Thank you for the information.” Amelia then left. Amelia went to the Glass District and sat down. She waited to see when the nets would be pulled up. As Amelia sat she sensed Divine Energy coming towards her. She stood up immediately.

“I knew that if I kept following the feeling I would run into you!” Lucrecia said, smiling at Amelia.

“Oh it’s you. What do you want?” Amelia asked Lucrecia.

“What’s wrong with wanting to see my Master?” Lucrecia asked Amelia.

“Who said I was your Master?” Amelia responded feeling a bit annoyed that Lucrecia was bothering her.

“Well you did grant me Power, I think that is enough to refer to you as Master.” Lucrecia cleared up for Amelia. Lucrecia then sat next to Amelia.

“What? Do you want a mission or something?” Amelia asked.

“If that would make you happy.” Lucrecia responded.

“Then jump off this ship and tell me how far it is from the ground.” Amelia told Lucrecia.

“You’re funny.” Lucrecia responded.

Amelia looked at her with even more annoyance. They both sat in silence for a moment.

“So what are you doing?” Lucrecia asked.

“I can see why men followed you, you really have nothing going on in that head of yours.” Amelia said to Lucrecia.

“A Clear mind can always be filled with knowledge.” Lucrecia smiled.

“It could also be filled with junk.” Amelia responded and they both sat quietly again.

Lucrecia swayed her legs back and forth. And began to whistle. Amelia tolerated it.

This continued on and they both continued to sit.

“Lucrecia.” Amelia then spoke. Lucrecia immediately perked up.

“Yes Master!” Lucrecia said eagerly.

“Stand about 5 meters in front of me.” Amelia commanded. Lucrecia then got up and walked in front of Amelia and placed herself 5 meters away.

“Is this good, Master?” Lucrecia asked.

Amelia then outstretched her arm and squeezed. Lucrecia’s arms were squeezed closer to her body as if she was being grabbed by a giant hand.

“That’s a bit tight.” Lucrecia remarked.

“Just bare with it for a bit.” Amelia replied. Amelia then lifted her arm and Lucrecia was then brought a meter off the ground. Amelia then lowered her arm and Lucrecia was brought back down.

The pressure around Lucrecia then vanished. “That was incredible, Master!” Lucrecia said to Amelia.

“Thanks for confirming that I could do that to living beings without ending their life.” Amelia said to Lucrecia.

“No, the pleasure was all mine, you don’t need to show gratitude to me.” After Lucrecia thanked Amelia, she then realized that she could have died if Amelia’s assumptions were wrong. “Wait.”

“Shush, they are moving the nets.” Amelia commanded Lucrecia. Amelia then checked the time.

“Okay, I am heading over to the Overlook.” Amelia then ran off. Lucrecia chased after her.

Amelia quickly made it to the Overlook and found that it was indeed closed. Amelia nodded her head.

Lucrecia soon showed up after being completely winded. “Wow Master, you are fast, was that also because of your Power?” Lucrecia asked.

“No, I am physically able to do that without enhancements.” Amelia clarified. “”Do you not have anything to do?” Amelia asked Lucrecia.

“No, I am currently on Leave. I work on the Twilight Armada as a Chef. Tomorrow I return to work.” Lucrecia told Amelia.

“Great…” Amelia said sarcastically. “Well if you are going to be following me then you can tell me about what you can do.” Amelia commanded Lucrecia.

“Of course, Master.” Lucrecia responded. The two then walked over to the Hotel.

They both arrived at the Hotel. “Since I have you here anyways, I have a mission for you.” Amelia got Lucrecia’s attention.

“Oh, what is it, Master!?” Lucrecia asked, perfectly willing to fulfill any request.

“In 5.6 hours, I want you to use the Power I am about to give you to cause a maintenance vehicle to crash near the overlook. I will produce a strong pull so that you know exactly when to do it.” Amelia explained to Lucrecia.

“Your wish is my command, Master!” Lucrecia responded. Amelia was a bit confused.

“You aren’t going to ask why?” Amelia asked.

“Of course not, Master. If you desire it, I shall make it happen.” Lucrecia responded.

“Wow, a complete air head.” Amelia said under her voice. “Well, I have to leave you here, so make sure you organize that and be ready.” Amelia commanded.

Lucrecia then left to fulfill her task.

Amelia entered back into the hotel and back into the room they were staying in.

August then woke up. “Wow you are up early.” August said to Amelia.

“Isn’t it always technically late here?” Amelia responded.

“Sure, sure.” August responded. “So what did you want to do today?” 

“I want to go to the Overlook. I want to see how the World below looks at night.” Amelia said to August.

“We can certainly do that. Let me just get dressed and we can head on over.” August said to Amelia.

“I think we should eat first. I don’t want to feel uneasy from hunger while we look over the edge.” Amelia said to August.

“You’re right. Let’s eat as a family on this vacation first.” August responded.

After the family got ready, ate their meal, and cleaned up. They went to first check out the glass district and ate another meal there as well.

Amelia then checked the time. “I want to go to the overlook now.” Amelia said to August and Lorey.

Richard then went over to the family. “We want to head over to the Overlook now.” August requested.

“As you wish Doctor Avian.” Richard responded.

The family entered the vehicle and headed over to the Overlook.

Once they arrived, the family stepped out of the vehicle. Richard waited by the car as August, Amelia and Lorey entered.

“Wow, check that out Amelia. You see those lights below, those are the Roaming Cities of Tellus.” August said to Amelia.

“They look so small from up here.” Lorey said, amazed by the view.

“Each of those dots are about 1500 square kilometers.” August informed the two.

Amelia used that information to calculate approximately how high they were. Amelia then checked the time. “It’s time.” Amelia thought to herself.

“Excuse me, this area is now closed for cleaning. We ask you all to leave.” A worker on the overlook requested.

“Of course, we can return another time.” August responded. They all then were escorted out the door.

“Oh, my shoe!” Amelia went down to tie her shoe.

“Honey, you can go to the vehicle. I can wait here with Amelia.” August told Lorey.

“Of course.” Lorey said before leaving. A person with a long trench coat walked past Lorey as she was exiting the area.

While Amelia was down, pretending to tie her shoe she generated a strong pull. The person in the trench coat then ran by and grabbed Amelia’s Jacket, knocking her over.

“Ah! My jacket!” Amelia yelled out.

The person in the trench coat then burst through the doors and continued to run. August chased after the thief.

A worker noticed this scene. “Hey! You aren’t allowed over here now!” The worker called out.

Then a large bang happened close by. There was a crash. The crash shook the area. The worker then immediately focused their attention there.

“Stop! Give me back my daughter’s jacket!” August called out.

August caught up to the person in the Trench Coat and the two began to wrestle. Then the Person grabbed August and jumped over the rails with him. August quickly grabbed onto the rails as the trench coat fell. It then was shown that there was no person in the coat at all.

Amelia slowly walked over to August who was holding onto the rail.

“Amelia, can you give me a hand?” August asked.

“You know, I thought I would suddenly be overwhelmed with emotion once this plan reached its climax. After all, you are my father, and you are about to die.” Amelia began to monologue to August.

“What are you saying, Amelia?” August asked.

“Now, I realize that it wasn’t just my innocence that died when I saw you on top of those little girls. It was also the Father that I would have cried for, it was for the Father that I loved.” Amelia said before looking August in the eyes. “But for you, I have no tears.” Amelia said to August.

“You saw that?” August asked, disappointed in himself. “You must believe me Amelia, I was possessed by a Demon. I won’t ever do that again, I promise. I have no urge to do anything that vile again. I am sorry.” August called out.

“That Demon was weak! And you were weak for being tempted by it! I am not the one you should be asking forgiveness to.” Amelia said to August.

“I’m sorry, please. Let me make it up to you.” August called out feeling his grip weakening.

Amelia took a deep breath in. “Well, I have already forgiven you.” Amelia said to August. August felt relieved.

Amelia then gestured her two fingers and swiped them in the air. It was as if she summoned a force to push August’s fingers off the rail. “Let’s hope that Durma and Saint Aero are as forgiving.

August fell to the ground below. And Amelia quickly returned to the door.

Richard approached the door holding roses.

“My apologies Miss Amelia, it took me so long to get here because along the way I noticed these beautiful roses and recalled how you said you liked red.” Richard said to Amelia.

“They are perfect.” Amelia said, smiling at Richard.

“By the way Miss Amelia, where is Doctor Avian?” Richard asked.

“My Father went back into the Overlook because some guy stole my Jacket.” Amelia explained.

“Then I shall escort you to the car as we wait on Doctor Avian.” Richard said. Amelia smirked knowing that August would not be returning.

Lorey and Amelia waited in the car. Richard left back out from time to time to check on where August could be. Despite how many hours they waited, August never showed back up.

“I will return you two to the hotel, the Overlook team is investigating a possible man-overboard.” Richard explained to Lorey and Amelia. Lorey covered her mouth.

“Don’t say that could be possible. I couldn’t bear the thought!” Lorey responded to Richard.

“I also doubt that it happened, but the team is looking into it.” Richard told the two before driving to the hotel.

As time continued Lorey grew sadder and sadder. She didn’t move at all. Lorey was waiting for August to return through that door.

Another day passed and Amelia continued to watch her mom in that state of unmoving. “Mother, you have to eat something. I’m sure they will find him eventually.” Amelia said, trying to comfort Lorey.

Eventually it was time to return home. Lorey slowly walked over to the vehicle. “Any word on my husband?” Lorey asked.

“Sorry Miss Avian. They are still searching.” Richard informed Lorey.

Lorey didn’t give any response. She just entered the vehicle and remained silent.

Amelia looked over at Lorey. She moved closer to her. “It’ll be okay mom.” Amelia said to Lorey. Lorey didn’t say anything back.

The two eventually returned to the Daytime Armada and entered their home. Lorey looked around.

Amelia watched her in her zombie-like state.

Lorey went into her room and sat on the bed. She remained silent. Amelia then continued to take care of her mom.

Back with the Scientist on Spark

“And soon after Muiku’s spike, we have Brooke with a spike. These are some extraordinary results we are receiving.” Alpha commented.

“Brooke just finished eliminating their Father. So if that was a goal in life then Brooke was satisfied with their sense of accomplishment. It will be interesting to see where they go from here.” Ventusr informed the Scientist.

“They all still have a long way to achieve a Godhead, but we already knew they likely would not have achieved it in one lifetime.” Axil noted to the group.

“I will check back in with you all after a few more years pass inside.” Ventusr said to Axil as they returned to being Professor Valentine.


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